Terms and conditions of GeoPoint
It defines duties, responsibility, conduct etc. of GeoPoint user . Although your compliance is essential and greatly appreciated, administrator will enforce this policy to help maintain smooth operation of GeoPoint. Anybody who has filled online registration must abide by regulations over GeoPoint which Administrator reserves right to terminate him/her from GeoPoint. Administrator may change or modify the content of these statements from time to time according to need of practice which should be in “terms and conditions” on administrator’s web page http://www.kulhu.com/geopoint/tnc.php .

  1. The administrator is a smart system designer and developer who designs and maintains GeoPoint and supports users engaged in locating and tracking operation.
  2. User is one who has completed the online application form and being accepted and getting facilities of locating and tracking.
  3. User should keep his/her own user number which is known as GeoPoint No. and password/key in one’s custody safely.
  4. GeoPoint means locating,tracking services from www.kulhu.com
  5. Administrator will collect ip address of GPS end point.
  6. User is required to familiarized themselves with the rule and policy of “terms and conditions”
  7. User should abide by all laws, rules, regulations and ordinance that are applicable to the own's area/location/country.
  8. User can stop or resign GeoPoint anytime.
  9. Providing false information in the application form is prohibited.
  10. Administrator protects legal rights of its client/user and believes that services and product are of high quality.
  11. Information of GeoPoint including email of user is not be shared with third party by administrator.
  12. GeoPoint should not be used in criminal ways.
  13. Terms and Conditions not covered above will be decided/finalized by the administrator as the terms and conditions.