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By John M. Picker

Faraway from the hushed restraint we go along with the Victorians, their global pulsated with sound. This e-book indicates how, in additional methods than one, Victorians have been listening to issues. The representations shut listeners left in their soundscapes provided new meanings for silence, track, noise, voice, and echo that represent a massive a part of the Victorian legacy to us this present day. In chronicling the shift from Romantic to trendy configurations of sound and voice, Picker attracts upon literary and clinical works to recapture the feel of aural discovery figures reminiscent of Babbage, Helmholtz, Freud, Bell, and Edison shared with the likes of Dickens, George Eliot, Tennyson, Stoker, and Conrad.

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It is enough to observe of these, that eleven years have strengthened in their writer’s mind every purpose and sympathy he has endeavoured to express in them; and that their re-production in a shape which shall render them easily accessible as a possession by all classes of society, is at least consistent with the spirit in which they have been written, and is the fulfilment of a desire long entertained. Dickens tells his audience that he resists venturing expression about his previous works, for they must “speak for themselves,” and this they can do best only once they have undergone a long-desired “re-production” in a new form.

60 Yet underneath this monumentally public of addresses lies a paradox. ” The child who had been devalued since the opening of the story, and “was merely a piece of base coin that couldn’t be invested—a bad Boy— nothing more,” now must fill the vacuum left by her dead brother and perpetuate the Dombey legacy (3). Much as the Cheap Edition did of its readers, Florence’s final return and appreciation require “a lapse of A VERY CONSIDERABLE PERIOD” from her last appearance: “He [Dombey] did not know how much she loved him.

I fear there may be NO CHRISTMAS BOOK! . I don’t know how it is. I suppose it is the having been almost constantly at work in this quiet place; and the dread for the Dombey; and the not being able to get rid of it, in noise and bustle. . But this is certain. I am sick, giddy, and capriciously despondent. I have bad nights; am full of disquietude and anxiety; and am constantly haunted by the idea that I am wasting the marrow of the larger book, and ought to be at rest. And in a subsequent letter to Georgina Hogarth, he still despaired over his inability to accumulate words satisfyingly: “So far from having ‘got through my agonies,’ as you benevolently hope, I have not yet begun them.

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