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Download The Works of John Dryden, Volume XIII: Plays: All for Love, by John Dryden PDF

By John Dryden

Quantity XIII includes 3 of Dryden's performs, in addition to accompanying scholarly appartus: occupied with Love, Oedipus, and Troilus and Cressida.

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Ant. Urge not my shame. I lost a Battel. Ven. So has Julius done. Ant. Thou favour's! me, and speak'st not half thou think'st; For Julius fought it out, and lost it fairly: But Antony Ven. Nay, stop not. Ant. Antony, (Well, thou wilt have it) like a coward, fled, Fled while his Soldiers fought; fled first, Ventidius. Thou long'st to curse me, and I give thee leave. 290 I know thou cam'st prepar'd to rail. Ven. I did. Ant. I'll help thee. 1 have been a Man, Ventidius. Ven. Yes, and a brave one; but Ant.

Hart. Mr. Mohun. Mr. Clarke. Mr. Goodman. Mr. Griffin. Mr. Coysh. Cleopatra, Queen of /Egypt, Octavia, Antony's Wife, Charmion, ) ^ . V Cleopatra s Maids. Iras, Antony's two little Daughters. Mrs. Boutell. Mrs. Corey. Scene Alexandria. Antony] Di—a; Anthony Qi-3, F. ] Anthony, Qi-g, F, Di-z (Anthony. F, Di-2). jEgypt] Qj, F, Di—2; Egypt Qi-2. Antony's] Di-2; Anthony's Qi~3, F. Antony's] Di—2; Anthony's Qi-3, F. Alexandria] Qg, F, Di-2; Alexandria Qi-2. This page intentionally left blank AN UNIDENTIFIED GENTLEWOMAN OF THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY POSING AS CLEOPATRA ARTIST UNKNOWN FROM THE PORTRAIT IN THE NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY ALL FOR LOVE; OR, THE WORLD WELL LOST.

Tis true, they proclaim'd themselves Poets by sound of Trumpet; and Poets they were upon pain of death to any man who durst call them otherwise. The Audience had a fine time on't, you may imagine; they sate in a bodily fear, and look'd as demurely as they could: for 'twas a hanging matter to laugh unseasonably; and the Tyrants were suspicious, as they had reason, that their Subjects had 'em in the wind: so, every man in his own defence set as good a face upon the business as he could: 'Twas known beforehand that the Monarchs were to be Crown'd Laureats; but when 20 the shew was over, and an honest man was suffer'd to depart quietly, he took out his laughter which he had stiffled; with a firm resolution never more to see an Emperor's Play, though he had been ten years a making it.

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