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By John C. Tibbetts

This booklet brings jointly the author's interviews with many renowned figures in delusion, horror, and technological know-how fiction to envision the traditions and extensions of the gothic mode of storytelling over the past 2 hundred years and its modern impression on movie and media.

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Your judge, jury, and executioner are in absentia. You never meet them, you never see them. So, it’s not a comfortable way to write for me. And there are large staffs, all of whom have to have some input, or else what are they getting paid for? So they’re going to meddle with what you do, find some way, not necessarily to disapprove of it, but to change it—to improve it. JCT: And even in an era where we have so many cable channels, is it a bit paradoxical that I would suggest there are fewer venues or outlets for the horror market in the media?

But I think some of it was a pose. And you hear a lot of talk about how erudite the man was. Well, my god, he owned a set of the Britannica, and he cribbed a lot from that. It’s true he was an amazing correspondent. Entire books have been filled with his letters. JCT: Although a lot of your lifetime has gone into researching your book, you say you actually wrote it in a short period of time. HB: True, I’ve been thinking about the whole business for probably more than 20 years. It wasn’t until 1975 that I realized my research could be of value to others.

RB: Oh, yes. I guess you could say that clothes fit the, er, man—or is it vampire? I wanted you to feel that you couldn’t be quite sure about this guy—does the cloak really turn him into a vampire, or is it just a powerful suggestion in his own mind? But then, of course, he meets the real thing. But by and large, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint the turning point in my writing, because I don’t do that much self-analysis. JCT: What is it that you have heard other people tell you, or suggest to you about your work, that you did think on the whole was accurate enough?

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