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By Frank Hitchens

The Encyclopedia of Aerodynamics used to be written for pilots in any respect degrees from inner most pilot to airline pilot, army pilots and scholars of aerodynamics as an entire reference guide to aerodynamic terminology. common aerodynamic textual content books for pilots are really restricted of their scope whereas aerodynamic textual content books for engineering scholars contain complicated calculus. The references during this ebook, The Encyclopedia of Aerodynamics, are basically defined and basically simple algebra is utilized in a couple of references yet is totally without any calculus - a bonus to many readers. Over 1400 references are integrated with replacement phrases used the place applicable and cross-referenced all through. The textual content is illustrated with 178 pictures and ninety six diagrams. The Encyclopedia of Aerodynamics is a perfect aerodynamic reference handbook for any pilot’s bookshelf.

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The Encyclopedia of Aerodynamics

The Encyclopedia of Aerodynamics was once written for pilots in any respect degrees from deepest pilot to airline pilot, army pilots and scholars of aerodynamics as a whole reference handbook to aerodynamic terminology. basic aerodynamic textual content books for pilots are particularly constrained of their scope whereas aerodynamic textual content books for engineering scholars contain advanced calculus.

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Aircraft wake turbulence See Wingtip vortices. Air density The density of air has a significant effect on aircraft performance and features in the formulas for lift and drag, being part of the dynamic pressure. Air density is determined by air pressure, temperature and the amount of moisture within the air mass. ft and varies with altitude and air temperature. Several factors influence the density of the air. Increased air density is caused by: • low altitude, increased air pressure, cold and dry air.

The anti-balance tab is attached to the elevator’s trailing edge and will move in unison with it; if the elevator’s trailing edge is raised, the anti-balance tab will also move up to provide an opposing downward pressure on the elevator and vice versa. It is known as an anti-servo tab when mounted on a stabilator. See Trimming devices. Anti-servo tab See Anti-balance tab. Anti-shock bodies Anti-shock bodies are located on the trailing edge of the main wings of some large transport aircraft. They smooth out the airflow over the wing and act as an area rule type of device to control the boundary layer over the wing’s rear portion.

The British favor the term aerofoil section. See Diagram 4, Airfoil Terminology. Air load The air load is the result of the airflow exerting an aerodynamic force on the airplane. See Dynamic pressure. Airplane efficiency factor ‘e’ The parasite drag and induced drag make up the total drag of the aircraft. The parasite drag coefficient above the zero lift minimum can be included with the induced drag coefficient and is termed the airplane efficiency factor (e). 0, the value depending on the aircraft’s characteristics and whether in a clean or dirty configuration.

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