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The Chronicler as Historian (The Library of Hebrew Bible; Old Testament Studies)

This quantity of essays, devoted to the overdue Raymond B. Dillard, addresses the query, 'Was the Chronicler a Historian? ' It comprises profiles of the varied different types of fabric present in Chronicles, and assesses their price for the reconstruction of the heritage of old Israel. This assortment represents the easiest of modern scholarship on an issue that's producing severe dialogue in biblical study.

Land, Center & Diaspora: Jewish Constructs in Late Antiquity (JSP Supplements)

The original duality of Jewish lifestyles, in which an immense Jewish centre within the Land of Israel flourished along a wide and wealthy diaspora, was once one of many remarkable gains of moment Temple and post-Temple Jewish existence. As nowa days, ongoing Jewish dispersion raised questions that went to the center of Jewish self-identity, and declarations of allegiance to the ancestral native land have been usually followed via probably opposite expressions of 'local-patriotism' at the a part of Jewish diaspora groups.

Have You Considered My Servant Job?: Understanding the Biblical Archetype of Patience

The query that launches Job's tale is posed via God on the outset of the tale: "Have you thought about my servant task? " (1:8; 2:3). by means of any estimation the reply to this query needs to be certain. The forty-two chapters that shape the biblical tale have in truth opened the tale to an ongoing perform of interpreting and rereading, comparing and reevaluating.

Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible, Qumran, Septuagint: Collected Essays, Volume 3

Thirty-three revised and up to date essays at the textual feedback of the Hebrew Bible, Qumran and the Septuagint, initially released among 2008 and 2014 are offered during this quantity, the 3rd quantity of the author’s accumulated writings. All 3 parts have constructed a lot in sleek learn, and the auhor, the earlier editor-in-chief of the overseas lifeless Sea Scrolls e-book venture, is an enormous speaker in them all.

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Contains both civil (B 2,4, 5) and ritual (A 21, 34) offences. Evildoers, whatever the evil, violate the law of Re, 8a. Those who neglect to punish the wicked will themselves be punished by the god (Shamash) 117a. The law of Hammurabi is the law of Sham ash, 178 b. See above, n. 39. , Enlil 95 a, the Hattian sun god 400 b, Hittite gods generally 208 a, Marduk 266 b, 315 b. For the general presupposition see esp. the prayer to any god or goddess, 391 a ff. (cf. sup. n. 9). Gods reward their worshipers: Ahuramazda 317 a, Egyptian gods (even non· Egyptian rulers) 27 b, Hittite deities 396 a, Marduk 315 b.

It is clear that many important characteristics of Israelite literature and religion, characteristics that distinguish the Israelite tradition sharply from those of Egypt and Mesopotamia (for instance, the jealousy of the deity, the hostility to images, the peculiar development of prophecy) are not included in the preceding list. They are not there because they do not seem to follow as consequences from basic historical facts. Nor does the given list pretend to be complete; it contains only some of the important peculiarities which are probably explicable from the geography and history of Israel.

Nor does the given list pretend to be complete; it contains only some of the important peculiarities which are probably explicable from the geography and history of Israel. CHAPTER THREE There is a likelihood that these explicable peculiarities were characteristic of Israelite literature as a whole, or with only minor exceptions, since they resulted from causes operating on the whole of it. Peculiarities not traceable to such general causes (those due, for instance, to particular individuals or parties) are more likely to owe their prominence in the preserved literature to selection, and to have been comparatively insignificant in the bulk of the literature now lost.

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