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By Eglal Doss-Quinby, Joan Tasker Grimbert, Professor Wendy Pfeffer, Professor Elizabeth Aubrey

This groundbreaking anthology brings jointly for the 1st time the works of ladies poet-composers, or trouvères, in northern France within the 12th and 13th centuries. Refuting the long-held thought that there are not any extant outdated French lyrics by way of girls from this era, the editors of the amount current songs attributed to 8 named lady trouvères besides a assorted number of nameless compositions within the female voice that can were composed by means of girls. The publication contains the outdated French texts of seventy-five compositions, extant track for eighteen monophonic songs and nineteen polyphonic motets, English translations, and a considerable introduction.

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Le seri chant de le sereine Tret a soy les nes et ameine: Aussi poueiz vous enchanter Les amourous par bien chanter. . . . . . Chantez a vois melodiose, Simple, plesant et graciose. . . . . . Metre doiz ton entencion A sonner le psalterion Ou timbre ou guiterne ou citole; C’est cen qui du tout nous afole. Semblablement te doiz adieure A rommans fetichement lieure. (Doutrepont 1890: ll. 27 11:03 DST:103 Singing is a fair and noble thing, Especially for a young woman. . . .

27 11:03 DST:103 I N T RO D UC T I O N and certainly open to literary influences, Gertrude held the title of Duchess of Lorraine only briefly—from the age of nine to fifteen—acquiring upon her widowhood the title of Countess of Champagne, followed by that of Countess of Linange after her third marriage. Would she have composed a death-lament at such a young age? Catherine, daughter of Waleran III, Duke of Limbourg and Count of Luxembourg, acquired the title of Duchess of Lorraine at the age of ten, when she married Mathieu II, Duke of Lorraine, in 1225.

Sometimes this education included singing and playing fiddle or harp or another stringed instrument (Coldwell 1986: 41; Page 1989: 102–6). 39 An anonymous vernacular redaction of Ovid’s Ars amatoria, La clef d’amors (ca. 1280) enjoins girls that they should learn many skills, including singing and playing instruments: Chanter est noble chose et bele, Especiäument a pucele. . . . . Le seri chant de le sereine Tret a soy les nes et ameine: Aussi poueiz vous enchanter Les amourous par bien chanter.

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