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By Felix Corley (auth.)

The Soviet government's perspective to faith in thought and perform is proven during this wide-ranging number of annotated texts from the newly-opened information. incorporated are records from the KGB, the valuable Committee, the Council for non secular Affairs and various different reliable our bodies. For the 1st time in English we see the bureaucrats' personal view of ways non secular believers may be managed, following the tale from the persecutions of the early Soviet years to the openness instituted via Mikhail Gorbachev.

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In cases of offers from groups of believers of redemption of the value, declare that the question mpst be considered in each individual case by the CC of the committee to aid the starving without in any way halting the work of confiscation. Experience in the provinces attests that such talks are conducted without serious intent to redeem and only introduce uncertainty and demoralisation. War Communism and the New Economic Policy 1917-29 29 15. In Moscow work must proceed according to the already established plan so that the confiscation will commence no later than 31 March.

Recruiting informers among the clergy is possible after a short acquaintance with the religious world and an elucidation of basic features of the character of each servant of cult individually. Materials can be procured in various ways, but most importantly by the removal of correspondence during searches and through personal acquaintance with the religious world. The material interest of one or another informer among the clergy is vital, as on just such a basis one can reach an agreement with the priests, since it is impossible to rely on his benevolent attitude to Soviet power.

His successor as acting patriarch, Metropolitan Petr Polyansky, was soon ar,rested and there began a scramble for leadership of the Church among the other bishops still at liberty. Metropolitan Sergy Stragorodsky eventually gained effective day-to-day control of the Church, especially after his release from prison in March 1927 and, jour months later, his controversial declaration of loyalty to the regime - which went much further than Tikhon 's 1923 declaration. Atheism was being promoted with vigour and the League of Godless (later the League of Militant Godless), led by Yemelyan Yaroslavsky, was established in February 1925 to spearhead the campaign.

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