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By Alexi Marmot Associates (AMA)

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49 m3/m2/yr. There is no information available in order to benchmark this specifically back to the original facilities in order to get a genuine comparison of like-for-like facilities. To complete a comprehensive review of the running and maintenance cost, a copy of the EMS data would be required as this contains key information such as property, maintenance, cleaning and property management costs. Post project Use The Faculty of Health and Wellbeing building contains several specialist teaching rooms, with specialist equipment or laid out to replicate medical and household spaces, as well as general teaching spaces, staff and administrative offices.

When it is quiet it provides a good location to meet students or have an informal team meeting. It has encouraged socialising and supported the interdisciplinary approach for which the building was designed. It is ‘very helpful to be able to meet without having to look for a room’. The design of teaching spaces to allow a ‘patient journey’ to be followed is a very effective teaching device. It allows students to ‘see patients in different locations’. ) People were anxious about the shared offices and said that ‘if everyone is in it can be noisy’.

For example, it may look at issues such as whether the room data should be on a drawing instead of, or as well as, on room data sheets. Utilisation Utilisation of teaching rooms, both general and special, is monitored regularly, but staff offices are not. The data is used when assessing new space requirements. These studies collect information on the frequency and percentage of capacity used of all bookable rooms. SHU has set a target of 50% utilisation. In semester 1 of 2004-05 utilisation was 42% due to changes in teaching and learning resulting from the planned revalidation of courses.

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