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No sir; it's not stable. It could go at any second. " "That'll give us a whole half an hour," muttered O'Brien. "Then monitor it carefully, Chief. " While O'Brien set up the minishields, Bashir bounced gently to the center of the black cavern, trailing his gossamer tether; looking out--there was no up or down--he saw stars through gaping holes in the skin of the ship, holes with jagged edges pushed outward pre- sumably by a terrible explosion. Ground-zero was not yet determined; that was Worf's job.

It definitely smells like a Klingon tactic. " "I choose not to take offense," rumbled the Klingon, in a tone of voice that meant he took very great offense indeed. Lieutenant Commander Dax shivered when she heard it. "But I do not believe the report of Klingon-Jem'Hadar alliance. That would be dishonor- able," concluded Worfi You're dancing on very thin ice, Major, thought O'Brien. Of course, he didn't say such a thing out loud. " Worf had no response, but Dax took up the cause. "The Klingons I've fought with were all honorable warriors," she said, folding her arms and crossing her legs.

FOUND THEM~ NEVER KNEW THE ]EM . . --DISRUPTED! THE JEM'HADAR HAVE FLANKED... BESIDE THE KLINGONS; WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE . . --WORKING TOGETHER] THIS INTELLIGENCE IS SO CRITI- CAL, WE MUST BREAK AWAY IMMEDIATELY TO REPORT IT TO... --'HADAR TRAINING' WITH THE KLINGONS ON GAMMA! O'Brien swallowed hard; he was a man who remem- bered his history. The Federation had had many con- flicts with the Klingon Empire, each time Starfleet barely winning against their more aggressive and vi- cious opponents for one major reason: the Klingons were impetuous and tended to attack before they were fully ready.

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