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The moment method, a twodimensional integration technique, is considered very accurate and includes the effects of mutual coupling between two surface current elements as well as the surface wave effect in the dielectric. It is computationally more time consuming than the transmission-line model and the cavity model. However, it is more computationally efficient than the three-dimensional technique to be discussed in the following subsection. 4 Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Method. The previous moment method is basically a two-dimensional solver.

40 Chapter 1 There are other miscellaneous advantages, such as the low antenna-radar cross section (RCS) when conformally mounted on aircraft or missiles, and the microstrip antenna technology can be combined with the reflectarray technology [52] to achieve very large aperture requirement. The disadvantages of the microstrip antennas are: The microstrip antenna generally has a narrow bandwidth of less than 5 percent. However, with technology advancement, up to 50 percent bandwidths have been achieved.

2-26). Upon comparison with the experimental results, it was found that a three-term expansion of the current on each dipole was sufficient. 016 mm is shown in Fig. 1-10. Fig. 1-10(a) assumes an absence of the dielectric (E, =1, s = O), and Fig. 127 mm. Figure I-lO(c) shows the measured reflection coefficient of an experimental surface with the same parameters as used in the computation of the curves of Fig. 1-1 O(b). This experimental surface is shown in Fig. 1-1 1, and the method of measurement is described in 1281.

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