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By Marc Lamy de la Chapelle, Annemarie Pucci

This e-book concentrates at the a variety of fields with regards to the improvement of a nanobiosensor and offers the most recent info from popular specialists. It makes a speciality of the improved spectroscopy, together with SERS, SEIRA/SEIRS, and near-field optics, and the similar actual tactics (optical houses of metal nanoparticles, plasmon resonance, box enhancement, etc.). a few purposes within the organic and clinical box are awarded to teach the opportunity of such concepts as sensors if mixed with functionalization.

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The following example of spectrum stripping looks at the case of protein S–S Raman stretching. The analysis, based on Raman spectroscopy measurements, focuses on the role of the protein structure in the reactivity of the protein S–S bridges; the experimental kinetics of S–S bridge reduction is obtained by monitoring the protein S–S Raman bands. Any quantitative analysis of the S–S bridge reduction based on S–S stretching Raman bands detection requires a correct identification of these bands within the protein Raman spectrum.

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