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Download Jane Goodall's Animal World: Elephants by Miriam Schlein, Jane Goodall PDF

By Miriam Schlein, Jane Goodall

An advent to elephants, majestic, clever citizens of Africa and Asia.

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Together, they dived deeper and deeper. Kip’s heart was soon hammering in his chest. The pond was much bigger than it had looked from the bank. Kip scanned the pond-bed for any sign of the transporter. For a while, there was nothing. But then he spotted an odd shape just below him. Round and flat, it was perfect for whizzing the short distance between Zorn and Grimor. It could be the transporter! Pointing the shape out to Finbar, Kip gathered the energy he had left and he and Finbar stroked down through the slime.

Kip knew these houses would be hard to build. Too hard for simple aliens… Kip’s stomach growled. He took a can of his favourite snack BurgerMousse from his backpack. He squirted some into his mouth through a hatch in his helmet. He then passed the can to Zert, who knew exactly how it worked. She’s done that before, Kip thought. But there’s nothing else like it on Grimor… Kip’s brain ticked over. When he’d first seen the aliens, they looked dirty. Kip had decided they were a bit gross, and maybe even stupid.

Kip knew they had to take a closer look at the transporter, infested or not. Now they’d found the wreck, they had to work out how to get it out of the slime. Kip and Finbar carefully crossed the transporter’s flat roof. The metal was slippery and difficult to walk on. Soon, Kip found something poking up from the roof. There was a hatch on top. He guessed it was some kind of airlock into the transporter. He forced open the hatch a little way and squeezed through. Using the CatsEyes, Kip made out a ladder fixed to the wall.

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