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By Anne Wilson

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Plesiosaur neck vertebrae (there were up to 73 of them in an elasmosaur—the extremely long-necked plesiosaur most often identified with Nessie) were strung so closely together that they barely had any wiggle room. As a result, the neck was not very flexible and was capable of very little up-anddown or sideways movement. There is no way Nessie could bend its neck into a graceful S-shaped curve. Even if it could, that pose would serve no purpose. The structure of the plesiosaur skull shows that the animal’s eyes pointed in an upward direction; if Nessie assumed a swanlike pose, it would be staring up at the clouds.

If one of the three objects was definitely proven to be a tree stump, then it’s certainly possible, even likely, that the other two objects were also simply tree stumps, logs, or other bottom debris. That would go a long way toward explaining why the “heads” of the objects in the three photographs all looked different—a difficult detail to explain, unless one assumes Nessie to be an accomplished shape-shifter like its Kelpie predecessors. All in all, Rines’s photos turned out to be a bust. No one has come up with any better underwater photo evidence in the years since Rines’s 1975 effort.

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