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By Samuel Willard Crompton

Swedenborg is credited as being the most important highbrow of Sweden for the early eighteenth century. attracted to non secular issues, he wrote prolifically approximately his ideals.

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Therefore, it would make no sense to have a cortex with such fibers if it was not designed to send the fluid around the body. Just a few paragraphs later, he made another strong statement, which was later verified by modern science: We may thus understand the course of the circulation of the animal spirits; namely, that it is from the cortex into the universal fibres, from the fibres into the blood, from the blood into the brain, and so back into the cortex, whereby no portion of these spirits perishes without use.

We know, from his diary, that he went to operas and concerts, and that he enjoyed parties and balls as much as any man of his time. Somehow, in the wee hours of the morning perhaps, Swedenborg also found the time and the intellectual will to discover some things that would not be verified for over a century. One of the tragic aspects of Swedenborg’s scientific career is that he was often so far ahead of his contemporaries that they took little note of him or his work. His On the Brain (De Cerebro) would not be discovered and published until the late nineteenth century.

Numerous scholars have noted that this was a poor, inaccurate title for the book. A better one might have been The Human Body and its Relation to the Soul. In it, Swedenborg was delving deeper than ever into the workings of the body, and he was simultaneously looking for what he hoped would be the first scientific look at the soul. Swedenborg began with the premise that human beings have a soul. Since many other aspects of human life, like the brain, heart, and arteries, were coming under scientific surveillance, why not the soul as well?

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