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By Nichole Marie Shippen (auth.)

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Aristotle operates under the formula that a reduction in time spent satisfying basic needs is an essential precondition of freedom, while slavery to necessity defines a condition of unfreedom. 24 For Aristotle, the reduction of necessity is a necessary, if not sufficient, condition of human self-development as related to telosrealization. The reason Aristotle regards necessity and freedom as irreconcilable is because of his ontological conception of humans as contemplative, rather than laboring beings, and the condition that lends itselff Reclaiming l Leisure M 25 most to contemplation is leisure, not labor.

1 Politics is, after all, not only about raising awareness or developing critical thinking about the structural relationships of power, which remains crucial, but also about collectively organizing for political-economic transformation to improve the condition of people’s lives in concrete ways. The fight for time lends itself to both through the institutional reduction of the length of the workday, while simultaneously bringingg ethical and philosophical considerations of time to bear on the political relevance of the fight for time for questions of social justice.

Chapter 6 ends with reflections on the work of André Gorz and considers the development of a politics of time for today. Followingg Introduction d M 15 Gorz’s lead, I re-examine the potential of the fight for time given the economy as it exists today. As the need to work intensifies given the economic recession, the overall lack of full-time employment renders the contradictions of the neoliberal economic mandate to workk and spend visible. ” In the same vein, Gorz engages the domestic labor debates of feminists from the 1970s by arguing against the “housework for wages” campaigns because he argues this extends economic rationality to the private household.

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