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By Rainich G. Y.

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At a high level of habitual use, the control/ interface system can become close to invisible, in the same way that an experienced typist no longer has conscious awareness of the process of reaching for each of the keys required to type a sentence such as this. Repeated usage results in the creation of customized neural pathways in the brain, reducing the amount of processing required for reaction to on-screen events. e. less apparently mediated) participation. Corollaries of the merging of action and awareness are two other components identified by Csikszentmihalyi: concentration on the task at hand and loss of self-consciousness.

A security guard refers to ‘some problem’ in the chamber of the ‘anomalous materials laboratory’. A number of messages await Freeman but cannot be accessed because the computer system is down – narrative information that is missing, in other words, increasing the overall impression of suspense. Two scientist non-player characters standing outside the laboratory comment about the ‘purest’ or ‘most unstable’ sample they have yet seen, one giving the reassurance that ‘nothing will go wrong’ – a clear foreshadowing, according to genre or narrative convention, that it will.

Narrative development of this kind can play an important role in establishing qualities such as variable pace, drama and suspense – to 45 46 TOMB RAIDERS AND SPACE INVADERS give added depth to gameplay that might otherwise become onedimensional. This is an issue not just for academics, especially those disposed favourably towards narrative as a culturally sanctioned form that can enable games to be taken more ‘seriously’, alongside forms such as novels and films. 85 Narrative still remains in the background a great deal of the time, however, even in the more story-oriented games of progression.

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