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But Quark had no intention of dwelling in retirement. The moon was an objective, but it was not an end in itself. Quark was, at this point in his life, to one extent or another, what he had always wanted to be a businessman. Business was not only his livelihood, it was his recreation as well. Success in the world of commerce would not motivate him to leave that world, but to climb to another stratum within it. What reason would there be to excel in a way of life you enjoyed if, in doing so, you were forced to abandon that way of life?

The nagus spent three days on the station preparing for a trade expedition to the Gamma Quadrant, and Quark took advantage of his proximity to the fiscal leader by doing what he always did in like circumstances he spied on him. Quark's intimate knowledge of DS9's internal systems, coupled with his copious supply of security-defeating hard- ware and software, permitted him entry to many otherwise protected areas of the station's computer. In that way, he was able to access the companel in Zek's quarters and monitor his on-line activities during his stay.

Furniture of a decidedly Bajoran design currently lined its eight-sided periphery, and complementa- ry artwork decorated the walls. The entrance to the tooram a single-paneled door that slid horizontally into the wall to allow access and egress--stood closed on one side. A second door, also closed, was set opposite the first; it led into a large meeting chamber adjacent to the anteroom. There were no windows here, although there appeared to be one. It was in a side wall, two meters wide and half as tall, divided into four identically sized panes.

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