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This quantity includes all of the papers yet one learn on the 6th Congress of the foreign association for the examine of the previous testomony held in Rome from 15th-19th April 1968 less than the presidency of Professor R. A. F. MacKenzie.

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Also F. M. , The Ancient Library o]Qumran, 1961, p. 113, n. 3. However, p,:lt cannot always be said to be in an "adjectieal position". For a discussion of this tide in Qumran see, for instance, M. R. LEHMAN, Revue d'Qumran 1/58-59, pp. , T. H. GASTER, The Dead Sea Scriptures in English Translation, 1956, p. 5, M. MARTIN, The Scribal Character 0] the Dead Sea Scrolls, I, 1958, pp. , ]. WEINGREEN, JSS 6/61, pp. , G. ]EREMIAS, Der Lehrer der Gerechtigkeit, Göttingen 1963, pp. 308 ff. ), Pcr WALLENDORF, p,:lt;' ;"'7;) Rättfärdighetens lärare, Helsingfors 1964.

Can be a teacher, a priest or a prophet, "Melkisedek von Jerusalem und l'vforesedek von Qumran", SVT XV 1966, pp. 234 f. 3) J. MORGENSTERN, "The Oldest Document of the Hexateuch", HUCA 4/27, p. 108. Cf. Isa ii 3 (and Mic. "n and from Jerusalem m;,' "~'''. Töriih and Yahweh's word are here identical phenomena; the word of Yahweh comes as an orade. 4) 1. RABINOWITZ, "The Guides of Righteousness", VT 8/58, p. 393. H 27 in Ps. lxxxiv 7. (It is doubtful that we should find ;"'7;) in Joel ii 23 designating the early rain twice.

It is doubtful that we should find ;"'7;) in Joel ii 23 designating the early rain twice. See below). Third, ;"'7;) has been translated "teacher" or "orade-giver", Provo v 13, cf. vi 13, and the above mentioned 2 Chr. xv 3. In 2 Kings xvii 28 the priest who was sent back to Bethel after the fall of the Northern king dom, Israel, is said to have become a ;"'7;) for the people, a "teacher" of the Yahweh religion, cf. also Isa. xxx 20. In Isa. ix 14 the ordinary prophet is called 'PlV ;"'7;), "teacher" or "orade-giver of lies" 1), cf.

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