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By Anton H. Schwabegger

These congenital deformities, funnel or keel chest deformities, in addition to Poland syndromes, have an effect on a small staff of sufferers who are suffering from aesthetic instead of sensible impairment. the big variety of diagnoses and suggested treatments, regularly surgeries, will be very complicated for sufferers, their mom and dad, physicians and surgeons. in recent times numerous ideas were sophisticated and built to house those complicated difficulties, and surgeons with assorted specialties were working on those deformities, as a rule as lonely specialists of their respective fields.

This booklet shouldn't be obvious as an operation atlas yet extra as a compact survey of a small crew of health conditions and the necessity for versatile suggestions for someone healing strategy, in accordance with the mixed event of other overseas experts. hence the publication is designed for obstetricians, pediatricians, physicians and surgical experts alike.

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4 and 6). The deformity in up to 30% may be associated with an excavatum deformity at the lower part of the sternum. Fokin emphasized that such a deformity with apparently absent cardiothoracic compression nevertheless may present with cardiovascular abnormalities (Fig. 7), the most common being a ventricular septum defect. All patients with a pouter pigeon deformity therefore should undergo echocardiogram to detect such intrathoracic malformations timely [1, 3]. 3. Pectus arcuatum References [1] [2] Currarino G, Silverman N (1958) Premature obliteration of the sternal sutures and pigeon breast deformity.

This knowledge implicates on the time of surgery but furthermore on the type of surgery. Therefore elevation of the sternum with unbending of its pathological curvature with respect to these findings of ossification patterns may be feasible Barbara Del Frari, Anton H. Schwabegger 31 Fig. 12. Asymmetric pectus excavatum and platythorax, with minor sternum malrotation. Notice that the seeming breast asymmetry is caused by the chest wall asymmetry and not by asymmetry of breast volume Fig. 13. Deeply shaped asymmetric pectus excavatum with sternum malrotation and protruding lower rib arches.

The only functional problem that apparently is cumbersome and annoying with regard to the inelastic protrusion is pain while lying face down at solid bases. References [1] Brodkin HA (1949) Congenital chondrosternal prominence (pigeon chest): a new interpretation. Pediatrics 3: 286–295 [2] Fonkalsrud EW, Beanes S (2001) Surgical management of pectus carinatum: 30 years’ experience. com 37 [3] Garcia VF, Seyfer AE, Graeber GM (1989) Reconstruction of congenital chest-wall deformities. Surg Clin North Am 69:1103–1118 [4] Keszler P, Szabo GJ (1999) Protrusion and mixed deformities.

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