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By G. Mathé, R. K. Oldham (auth.), Georges Mathé, Robert K. Oldham M. D. (eds.)

G. MATHE and R. ok. OLDHAM'~ Institut de Cancerologie et d'Immunogem!tique, Hopital Paul Brousse, Villejuif because the final battle, melanoma chemotherapy has been the item of very in depth and costly learn. however, its improvement has been very sluggish, and its final strength is at the present time just a little unsure. doubtful since it doesn't remedy any melanoma sufferers other than a) women wearing placental choriocarcinoma, a semi-allogenic tumor, within which case, healing might be in­ fluenced by way of immune rejection, and b) young children struggling with Burkitt's tumor, the place the possible cause of the healing is that each one the neoplastic cells are within the cycle, that's a distinct situation between all of the human tumor forms. even if the long run survivors in acute leukemia, lymphomas, sure sarcomas and sure testicular tumors are "cures" would require longer follow-up. the concept that chemotherapy doesn't remedy such a lot melanoma sufferers simply because all their neoplastic cells will not be in cycle has ended in using drug combos. no matter what they're, "cocktail mixtures" that are made from medicinal drugs given in line with any timing, or clinical combos, in accordance with pharmacodynamics, pharmaco­ kinetics or mobilephone kinetics facts, are extra poisonous than unmarried medicinal drugs, and are all of the extra poisonous because the variety of medicines within the mixture is increased.

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D Numbers in brackets indicate numbers of evaluable donor-recipient pairs; the number of evaluated pairs differ at 1 and 20 hours post transfusion, since platelet counts at both times were not done in all recipients. S. = ~ot significant. b The lower the number of defined HL-A specificities in an individual is, the more likely the result of the HL-A typing is incomplete. A higher percentage of B-2donors than B-l-donors may than be expected to be typed incompletely, and will therefore be mismatched with their respective recipient.

P. LOHRMANN et al. 54 strated in this study that platelets obtained from HL-A compatible unrelated donors will effectively increase the platelet count. It may therefore be expected that severe bleeding complications can be reduced in alloimmunized patients with platelet transfusions from HL-A compatible donors. This is further suggested by the fact that none of our 15 patients died of hemorrhage. , 1973) and in this communication have been supported effectively (i. e. without clinically significant bleeding), for up to 9 months with platelets from the same HL-A compatible donor(s).

The period of observation included at least six months after chemotherapy for the induction of remission was terminated. Patients treated in groups A and B tended to survive for longer. This could be understood as longer duration of single remissions, or it could Table 2. Survival of patients receiving different types of care Group A B C 8 11 8 CR (several trea tmen ts) 10 17 7 Mean survival 50 59 29 Median survival (weeks) 52 (8-100) 49 (18-96) 20 (2-97) Patients Still living 5 5 2 Group A - isolation + decontamination Group B - isolation Group C - open ward be that these patients have fewer complications due to infection and therefore tolerate more chemotherapeutic trials.

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