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Merton who, over25 years ago, disqualified as speculat1ve the philosophical and sociological schools which dared to pose the problem of the social model underlying their theories. The Frankfort School is rediscovered. One is even ready to recognise the status of the "new critical school" (or rather one is forced to recognise it). The international relations of force in the academic and political field has changed. For want of being abandoned, the old functionalist school needs new sources and new forms of legitimation.

109. This spirit of May 1968 in respect to communication was picked up, notably by papers like Liberation (Paris) that sought to express this "search for an alternative". In tile words of its first issue (18 April 1973): Since May 1968, the need for a new daily paper has been felt everywhere. A whole movement of ideas seeks to express itself, a movement that cuts across all the currents of the existing Left, organised or not. Admittedly, it is confused, crossed by divisions, but nevertheless glued togetller around a common refusal of an authoritarian conception of life and around a common aspiration: for a democracy rejecting the exploitation of work, everyday violence in tile name of profits, the violence of men against women, the repressions of sexuality, racism, a spoilt environment.

Cess. 101 However, they continue to resort to the mouvations and the methods of imposition of market studies and marketing campaigns to bring out the needs of local populations and serve them up again as the authentic expression of their speech and identity. Seen in this perspective, the new legitimising discourses which rely on the demand for participation and dialogue cannot hide the fact that what is new is not the promotion of self-management and selfdevelopment, but rather the promotion of selfexploitation.

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