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By Stephen Fisher

"This booklet will retailer many lives, in all probability yours or that of a enjoyed one—it palms readers with the entire details they should turn into expert health-care shoppers and shield their very own health." Robert Tufft, M.D., Diplomate, American Board of inner medication Colon melanoma & the Polyps Connection is the first-and merely publication exploring the reasons, treatments and prevention of colorectal melanoma. offers all the proof you want to make the proper judgements touching on your health—especially prevention. each year, over one-million North americans are came across to have polyps (colorectal melanoma develops from polyps)—and 150,000 of these are clinically determined with colorectal melanoma. approximately 1 in three humans over age 50 have polyps and 56,000 North americans die every year from colon cancer—more than from breast or prostate cancers! during this consultant, writer Stephen Fisher, a colorectal melanoma survivor, tells how he waged a private and logical attack in this affliction, condensing day-by-day magazine entries of his emotions and fears, together with his ordeals of looking for solutions, discovering medical professionals, enduring remedies and eventually, how he confronted his personal mortality. Fisher stocks what he discovered from his personal exhaustive learn and his participation in a $25-million, government-funded study—the PPT, or Polyp Prevention Trial—which specializes in prevention and vitamin. This accomplished consultant comprises phrases, techniques, remedies, scientific evidence and information from the yankee melanoma Society and nationwide melanoma Institute. Plus entire chapters on fats, fiber, culmination, greens, and the Computer-Assisted nutrition evaluation created by means of the PPT!

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1" Remission is the partial shrinkage or complete disappearance of cancer. It usually occurs as a result of treatment. Remission is a period when the disease seems to be under control. However, remission is not necessarily a cure. 17 Pedunculated polyps are mushroom-shaped polyps with a stalk. They are considered less threatening than sessile polyps, flat polyps that develop directly from the bowel wall. 18 22 Colon Cancer &• the Polyps Connection Carcinoma in situ Invasive Cancer SESSILE POLYPS Carcinoma in situ Invasive Cancer PEDUNCULATED POLYPS Polyp Form & the Spread oj Cancer 23 Polyps Review: Common Terms and Definitions Used by Doctors and Medical Writers The variety of terms used by doctors can be confusing.

In this rare inherited disease, hundreds of polyps develop in the large bowel. Gardner's syndrome is a similar condition. About 1% of all cases of colorectal cancer are caused by genetic polyps developing from such diseases. Average Risk Everyone who is not in one of the high-risk categories just described is considered to be of average risk. There is no low-risk category. w It is Polyps & Bowel Cancer 15 estimated that 55% to 85% of the people who develop colorectal cancer fall into the average-risk category.

Steve and his wife, Nanci, have been married for over 20 years. They live in San Francisco and New York. This page intentionally left blank Section I Medical Implications This page intentionally left blank Preface GETTING PAST THE UNMENTIONABLE WORDS Certain medical words and terms are taboo in our society. Most people outside the medical profession have difficulty discussing the processes of the digestive system—until they are confronted with a related illness. " Experience sickness anywhere in your digestive system, and it is amazing how quickly language restraints disappear.

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