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By David Vallins, Kaz Oishi, Seamus Perry

While postcolonial stories of Romantic-period literature have flourished in recent times, students have lengthy ignored the level of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's engagement with the Orient in either his literary and philsophical writings. Bringing jointly best overseas writers, Coleridge, Romanticism and the Orient is the 1st titanic exploration of Coleridge's literary and scholarly representations of the east and the ways that those have been encouraged by way of and went directly to effect his personal paintings and the orientalism of the Romanticists extra commonly. Bringing jointly postcolonial, philsophical, historicist and literary-critical views, this groundbreaking e-book develops a brand new realizing of 'Orientalism' that recognises the significance of colonial ideologies in Romantic representations of the East in addition to appreciating the original varieties of that means and cost which authors corresponding to Coleridge asscoiated with the Orient.

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1804, book 3, p. 111, ll. 2–11) 42 Coleridge, Romanticism and the Orient That Coleridge shared the anxieties of poets such as Cowper and Bowles can be seen in his dire predictions of the fall of Britain on account of its imperial ruthlessness. In 1803, for instance, he groaned about the ‘awful Times’ inflicted by a ‘retributive Providence’ in vengeance for ‘our horrible Iniquities in the W. India Islands & on the coasts of Guinea’ (CL, vol. 2, p. 1006). Britain would, he prophesized, fall as surely as Rome had done before the Huns.

Kitson This chapter will discuss the nineteenth-century British fascination with the Qing ritual of the ketou, variously anglicized as ‘ko-tou’ or ‘kowtow’, as represented in a number of key Romantic-period texts. James L. Hevia has convincingly argued that the Qing demand that foreign ambassadors to the imperial court perform the full imperial kowtow of the three kneelings and the nine knockings of the forehead came to be seen as metonymic of European relations with China in the nineteenth century and quite out of step with accepted norms of the sovereignty and equality of nations, derived from the Westphalian system, established in 1634 as a consequence of the bloody Thirty Years’ War between European nation states (Hevia, 2009, pp.

213). He details the complexity of the ceremony and its multiple meanings within a Confucian cosmology that did not expound the virtues of abject servitude, far from it. The kowtow was only one facet of the complex but routine ceremony of government. Europeans chose to read into the practice their own binaries of freedom and despotism, and servitude and independence. The origin of the debate lies in the European encounters with China from the sixteenth century onwards. Ming and Qing China arranged the Asian Ceremonials in Romantic Literature 21 visits of European embassies in terms of their established system of tributary relations.

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