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By Joseph Sweeney M.D., Andrew Heaton M.D. (auth.)

Joseph Sweeney, Andrew Heaton he presence of allogeneic leukocytes in blood items got little T recognition until eventually the mid-1950s while those "passenger" cells have been im­ plicated within the etiology of febrile transfusion reactions, and early strate­ gies in accordance with centrifugation have been constructed to influence their removing. In contemporary many years and, rather some time past 5 years, there was an accumulation of literature implicating leukocytes in a large choice of bad reactions to blood transfusion. White cells are the least a variety of of the mobile components in blood and ratios of white cells to platelets and white cells to crimson cells are ap­ proximately 1:15 to 1:1000 respectively. This ratio is maintained in complete blood, yet might be altered a little within the means of part prepara­ tion. Any construction or processing step which deliberately decreases this ratio will lead to a product which are defined as white phone depleted. It has, although, develop into extra universal to outline the result as a residual white mobile content material, instead of a lessen in mobile ratios, even if the latter makes extra feel on theoretical grounds, on account that deple­ tion of white cells should be installed the context of any unintended lack of purple cells or platelets. the outcome of this intentional processing step, accordingly, is usually expressed because the residual absolute variety of white cells or because the measure of distinction in white telephone content material, the latter expressed as both a percent switch or as a logarithmic reduction.

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68 Albumin is known to reduce the adhesiveness of leukocytes, 20 · 6 ~ whereas globulins, 66 fibronectin, 67 Cl complex or properdin3 ~ seem to increase the adhesion of platelets and leukocytes. The rate and amount of protein adsorption is dependent on the physico-chemical properties of the fiber material. 69 Resuspension of RCC in saline-adenine-glucose-mannitol (SAGM) influenced the trapping pattern of red cells. Steneker et al' 7 showed that about 6% of the red cells of RCC resuspended in SAGM were found between the fibers of polyester flat~ bed filters as clusters of pseudo-agglutinated cells compared to 3% of captured red cells from RCC suspended in plasma.

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