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By Dr. Manfred Wick, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wulf Pinggera, Dr. Paul Lehmann (auth.)

Iron is vital for many kinds of lifestyles, together with people. nonetheless, iron can also be very likely poisonous. accordingly, the keep an eye on of iron metabolism and upkeep of iron hemostasis is an the most important a part of many points of human health and wellbeing and affliction. Iron deficiency anemia is likely one of the most typical ailments around the world, yet there also are anemias linked to persistent illnesses, and different received or hereditary defects. realizing the regulate of iron metabolism is additionally vital for realizing illnesses of iron overload, like hemochromatosis. This book is designed for physicians, scientific lab team of workers and scientific scholars. It supplies an outline concerning the rules of rules of iron metabolism and erythropoiesis. furthermore, a number of the disturbances of iron metabolism and the linked medical findings are defined. specific concentration lies at the differential prognosis of the issues, and the methods of remedy. eventually, a accomplished time table of exams is incorporated to be had for the decision of iron metabolism-related parameters in serum/plasma and blood, with indication of methodologies utilized and reference ranges.

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The transport iron, determined by measuring the transferrin saturation, additionally contributes to the staging of iron deficiency. In simple iron overload (for instance hereditary hemochromatosis) the opposite regulation takes place unless the overload is associated with chronic inflammations, malignant disease, ineffective erythropoiesis or hemolysis. In cases of simple iron overload, the increase of ferritin and downregulation of transferrin receptor production are delayed because the induction of these regulatory processes requires a significant accumulation of intracellular iron.

In patients with renal disease this state, when combined with disturbed iron mobilization, can usually be assumed to be the cause of the anemia. Confirmation by determination of erythropoietin is necessary only in doubtful cases (Table 4). An insufficient erythropoietin response, probably due to cytokine effects, is probably one of the major causes of tumor anemia and anemia of chronic inflammations. g. kidney, liver ↑↑ carcinoma) Polycythemia vera n-↓ Reactive hypoxia frequently found to be within the reference range for clinically healthy persons; however, this can be considered to be inadequate in patients with anemia.

These mutations can routinely be detected by using PCR analysis. Obviously the mutations give rise to abnormal HFE proteins in the epithelial cells of the mucosa of the small intestine in the region which is relevant for iron absorption. The mutated HFE proteins are not capable to bind to transferrin receptor 2 and the binding of Fe3+ to transferrin at high transferrin saturation is compromised (see “Absorption of Iron”). More recent findings indicate that the abnormal HFE proteins also affect the liver.

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