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By Dr. Jan A. L. Bulcke, Professor Dr. Albert L. Baert (auth.)

One of the main complicated and outstanding beneficial properties of a few of the genetically­ made up our minds revolutionary neuromuscular ailments comparable to the spinal muscular atrophies and the muscular dystrophies is that muscular losing and susceptible­ ness in those instances is apparently selective, at the least within the early phases, choose­ ing out sure skeletal muscle tissues and sparing others. The prognosis of those stipulations has principally depended long ago upon the popularity of particular styles of involvement of person muscle tissues and muscle tissues, taken in addition to info derived from the mode of inheritance in the in­ dividual relatives and the result of precise investigations. The investigations of such a lot price have proved to be serum enzyme stories, electromyography and comparable ideas, and muscle biopsy. the arrival of CT scanning has, despite the fact that, brought a brand new measurement; because the authors of this fascinating monograph have basically proven, it truly is now attainable, utilizing the complete­ physique scanner, to outline styles of muscular atrophy within the limbs and trunk even more accurately than through the other strategy. not just does this techni­ que show which muscular tissues are concerned, however the adjustments in relative density supply priceless information regarding the severity of the method and concerning the development of the illness if the reviews are played serially. This monograph is pleasantly written and so much attractively illustrated.

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We have followed this trend in previous papers (BuLCKE et al. 1979a; TERMOTE et al. 6. As will be seen in the following figures, one of the main features of the normal skeletal muscular system is the dense packing of the different muscles, which sometimes makes the anatomical description of individual muscles rather difficult. The muscular anatomy in vivo as seen by CT scan is certainly different from the anatomy described on anatomical preparations from which the normal tissue consistency has disappeared.

Ambiguus Motor nu. n. /J 50" ..... C/O t: n t: ~ E. /J ::s ~ S ::r: t: (1) :T 0 -, ::s o· ;:? < 0' ..... (1) 0t: ..... (1) n '"0 ..... 0 > tv V1 m. constrictor pharyngis medius m. constrictor pharyngis inferior Longitudinal muscles m.

Hereditary ectopic ossification [or hereditary myositis ossificans progressiva (AKIN et al. 1975)] seems to be transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait (EATON et al. 1957; TUNTE et al. 1967; LETTS 1968). Almost all cases described in the literature occur in children and young adults. The syndrome usually starts as a painless swelling of the neck and the back muscles, sometimes with a torticollis syndrome. The swollen muscles indurate progressively as ectopic calcification continues. After a number of years most of the skeletal muscular system in affected, particularly the neck, the back and the limb girdles, together with their tendons and fascia.

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