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Example 16: Simplify. 666 . . ) decimals. Changing terminating decimals to fractions To change terminating decimals to fractions, simply remember that all numbers to the right of the decimal point are fractions with denominators of only 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, and so forth. Next, use the technique of read it, write it, and reduce it. Example 17: Change the following to fractions in lowest terms. 07 (negative seven hundredths) Write it: –7⁄100 (can’t reduce this one) All rules for signed numbers also apply to operations with decimals.

Now the y is preceded by a 3 in each equation. 3x + 3y = 24 3x + 3y = 24 3(2x) + 3(y) = 3(13) 6x + 3y = 39 Now the equations can be subtracted, eliminating the y terms. 3x + 3y = 24 - 6x +- 3y =- 39 - 3x =- 15 - 3x = - 15 -3 -3 x=5 Now insert x = 5 in one of the original equations to solve for y. 2x + y = 13 2(5) + y = 13 10 + y = 13 - 10 - 10 y= 3 Answer: x = 5, y = 3 Of course, if the number in front of a letter is already the same in each equation, you do not have to change either equation. Simply add or subtract.

4 90n = 49 28 CliffsQuickReview Algebra I You can solve this equation as follows. 54 = 49 50 Important equivalents that can save you time Memorizing the following can eliminate computations. 50 = 350% Percent A fraction whose denominator is 100 is called a percent. The word percent means hundredths (per hundred). So 37% = 37⁄100 Changing decimals to percents To change decimals to percents, 1. Move the decimal point two places to the right. 2. Insert a percent sign. 85 = 185% Changing percents to decimals To change percents to decimals, 1.

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