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Cliches of Socialism (Paperback - 1970)

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He spoke about "the stupid German people ... " He expressed his hatred of many nations, but never his love. Marx wrote in his new year's roundup of 1848 about "the Slavic riffraff," which included Russians, Czechs, and Croats. " "The coming world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth. "15 Neither Marx nor Engels were concerned about the destruction of millions of people. The former wrote, A silent, unavoidable revolution is taking place in society, a revolution that cares as little about the human lives it de­ stroys as an earthquake cares about the houses it ravages.

They travel throughout Germany and wish to intrude everywhere; they teach their Satanic teachings in the market-places and bear the flag of the Devil from one town to another, seducing the poor youth, in order to throw them in the deepest abyss of hell and death. He finishes this book with the words of Revelation: Behold, I come soon. Keep what you have, that nobody takes away from you your crown. Amen.? The man who wrote such poems and such warnings against Satanism, the man who prayed with tears to ,- / R U I NED F A I T"H / 41 beware of this danger, the man who recognized Marx as being possessed with a thousand devils, became Marx's closest collaborator ill the devilish fight, "for Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality ...

I received a reply The vice director, one Professor M. ' 32 / MAR X ~ SAT A / N after saying Camus lied, nevertheless confirmed his alle­ gations. Mtchedlov wrote that of a total of one hun­ dred volumes, only thirteen have appeared. He offered a ridiculous excuse for this: World War II forestalled the printing of the other volumes. The letter was writ­ ten in 1980, thirty-five years after the end of the war. And the State Publishing House of the Soviet Union surely has sufficient funds. From this letter it is clear that though the Soviet Communists have all the manuscripts for one hundred volumes, they have chosen to publish only thirteen.

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