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By J. W Burrow, Ciba Foundation

Chapter 1 Chairman's beginning comments (pages 1–2): Sir Macfarlane Burnet
Chapter 2 Cytological Evidences of Secretion within the Thymus (pages 3–39): Sam L. Clark
Chapter three Embryogenesis of Immune platforms (pages 39–57): Robert Auerbach
Chapter four The beginning and serve as of Lymphocytes (pages 58–85): W. L. Ford, J. L. Gowans and P. J. McCullagh
Chapter five Differentiation and Immunological Competence of Cloned mobilephone Populations of Lymphoid beginning (pages 86–104): Michael Feldman and Tamar Mekori
Chapter 6 The Thymus with regards to Immunological Tolerance (pages 105–130): G. J. V. Nossal and Judith Mitchell
Chapter 7 site visitors of Lymphoid Cells within the physique (pages 131–152): C. E. Ford
Chapter eight The Thymus on the subject of the improvement of Immunological ability (pages 153–180): J. F. A. P. Miller
Chapter nine the improvement of the critical and Peripheral Lymphoid Tissue: Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic issues (pages 181–213): R. A. sturdy, Ann E. Gabrielsen, R. D. A. Peterson, Joanne Finstad and M. D. Cooper
Chapter 10 The functionality of the Thymus in Tumour creation through Polyoma Virus (pages 214–241): L. W. legislations, R. C. Ting and Eva Leckband
Chapter eleven the character and legislation of Lymphopoiesis within the general and Neoplastic Thymus (pages 242–287): Donald Metcalf
Chapter 12 Parallel Observations at the function of the Thymus in Leukaemogenesis, Immunocompetence and Lymphopoiesis (pages 288–309): J. Furth, A. Kunii, H. Ioachim, F. T. Sanel and P. Moy
Chapter thirteen interplay of Occult Leukaemogenic Viruses with Ionizing Radiation and different exterior Leukaemogenic brokers within the Induction of Thymic Lymphosarcoma within the Mouse (pages 310–334): Henry S. Kaplan
Chapter 14 Mast Cells within the Mouse Thymus (pages 335–347): F. M. Burnet
Chapter 15 Lymphocytes and Antibodies on the subject of Malignant ailment (pages 348–359): George Klein
Chapter sixteen The impression of Neonatal Thymectomy and Thymus Grafting on Spontaneous Auto?Immune ailment in Mice (pages 360–380): J. B. Howie and B. J. Helyer
Chapter 17 Thymic alterations in NZB Mice and Hybrids (pages 381–398): Margaret C. Holmes and F. M. Burnet
Chapter 18 Immunocytes and Immunoproliferative issues (pages 399–415): William Dameshek
Chapter 19 The Thymus and Human illnesses with Auto?Immune Concomitants, with targeted connection with Myasthenia Gravis (pages 416–448): Arthur J. L. Strauss and Hugo W. R. Van Der Geld
Chapter 20 Histopathology of the Human Thymus (pages 449–475): Ian R. Mackay
Chapter 21 the importance of Auto?Immune sickness (pages 476–519): William Dameshek
Chapter 22 Chairman's last comments (pages 520–522):

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Shortly after this, the mouse begins to manufacture immune globulins at a rapid rate (Fahey and Barth, 1965). Perhaps all three of these events are related to some role played by the adrenal cortex in the maturation of immunological competence. Suppose, for instance, that by stopping the massive ingress of antigens into the body the adrenal makes it safe for the animal to make antibodies without becoming hypersensitive to dietary proteins. Suppose that, at the same time, by moderating the thymic stimulus to mitosis of the lymphocytes, the adrenal cortex frees them to proliferate in response to antigens.

119,177. , and LEBLOND, C. P. (1964). J. , 21,143. SABATINI, D. , BENSCH, KO, and BARRNETT, R. J. ]. , 17, 19. H. (1936). ]. exp. , 17, 234. SELYE, SMITH,C. (1961). J. natn. , 26, 389. SPICER,S. S. (1961). J. din. , 36, 393. WARREN, L. (1959). J. bid. , 234, 1971. , LEBLOND, C. , and DROZ,B. (1963). J. , 16, I. WEISS, L. (1963). Anat. , 145, 413. DISCUSSION Metcalj Dr. Clark, have you investigated the changes in the appearance of the secretory granules in either neonatal or embryonic thymus grafts in adult animals?

11, I). It seems that splenomegaly is a response involving division, and perhaps this is why the reaction of agglutinins and haemoI ysins requires phytohaemagglutinin whereas the splenomegaly response does not. This is probably best explained by the results of F. Bach and K. Hirschhorn (1964. Science, 143, 813) with two sets of lymphocytes.

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