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By Farida Abu-Haidar

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Newness in Old Testament Prophecy: An Intertextual Study (Oudtestamentische Studiën/Old Testament Studies)

In Newness in outdated testomony Prophecy: An Intertextual examine Henk Leene examines the family members among the recent music raised within the Psalms, the hot issues hid in Deutero-Isaiah, the hot heaven and the hot earth introduced in Trito-Isaiah, Ezekiel’s new middle and the recent spirit, and the expected new construction and new covenant in Jeremiah.

Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine

Lately, there were significant outbreaks of whooping cough between youngsters in California, mumps in manhattan, and measles in Ohio’s Amish country—despite the truth that those are all vaccine-preventable illnesses. even supposing the USA is the main medically complicated position on this planet, many of us put out of your mind smooth drugs in desire of utilizing their religion to struggle lifestyles threatening health problems.

Gewinn in alle Ewigkeit: Kapitalismus als Religion

»Wir haben Ihnen 15 Prozent every year versprochen, und das haben Sie geglaubt! « So schreien es die Bankiers in Elfriede Jelineks Wirtschaftskomödie Die Kontrakte des Kaufmanns. Sie haben es geglaubt! Die Finanzkrise hat einmal mehr gezeigt, dass zu unserem Wirtschaftssystem ein entsprechender Glaube gehört: Der Glaube daran, dass das Wachstum niemals aufhört und dass es Gewinn ohne Reue gibt.

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But why? God, reaching out to sinful humanity, inevitably appears as ‘God’ in a great variety of forms more or less exposed to contamination from human sinfulness. 15 Eckhart remains a loyal churchman but, nevertheless, urgently seeks God beyond ‘God’; that is, beyond the ‘God’ of conventional church ideology. True, such flamboyant self-distancing from what, after all, still remains one’s own religious culture is rare in Christian theology. Christianity is, by every instinct, evangelistic for itself; its theology has always been intimately tied up with its own self-promotion to potential converts, an orientation which must always tend to inhibit the sort of corporate self-critique towards which 15 Meister Eckhart, The Essential Sermons, Commentaries, Treatises and Defense (trans.

But that, I think, is its great virtue. His Phenomenology of Spirit, on the other hand, opens the philosophic door towards a strictly trans-metaphysical understanding of theology. This, I would argue, is its most fundamental claim to truth: that it is an opening towards theology, once and for all, purged of metaphysics, and so set free to become what it is truly meant to be, a sheer celebration of truth-as-openness. The old metaphysical ‘proofs’ of the existence of God are pushed right to the margins of the Logic.

God’s relation to humanity? Why must God wound that relation? Or God’s relation to Godself? Then it is God’s hand that heals God, but why does God have to wound God? What could such a self-mutilating God be? The self-wounding God would be the same as the self-healing God. But what could one make of the self-forgiveness of this self-mutilating God? And if Hegel is right that it is a matter of knowing, God seems to have to fool himself in order to make himself wise. What kind of stupid God is this?

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