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By T. Lutze

The pivotal years within the chinese language civil conflict, 1947-8, discovered the United States locked in conflict with Mao Zedong and the Communists for the allegiance of China's democratic heart forces. The stakes have been excessive for each side. because the clouds of chilly conflict amassed, the U.S. wanted the liberals to supply legitimacy to Chiang Kai-shek's more and more discredited-but staunchly anti-Communist-Nationalist executive; the Communists wanted the democrats in order that the revolution below their management may increase from the nation-state to the towns. within the polarized surroundings then engulfing China, whoever misplaced the conflict for the center forces may face political isolation-and, eventually, defeat. China's Inevitable Revolution explores this tumultuous and decisive conflict. It tells the compelling tale of assassination, repression, and protest in city China. It finds how America's fixation wtih the containing of Communism led in China to the constraining of democracy. In so doing, it demonstrates how the US alienated the very democratic forces on which it pinned its hopes, thereby, sarcastically, contributing to the Communist victory.

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The rancor between the Generalissimo and Stilwell stemmed from the latter’s long-standing aggravation with GMD corruption, bureaucratism, and foot-dragging in training and deploying an effective Chinese fighting force against the Japanese. Fueling Stilwell’s frustration was the fact that Chiang had assigned what crack troops he did have not to repel the Japanese, but instead to defend his own position in Chongqing and blockade the Communist base area in the Northwest. Stillwell’s well-known, derisive reference to the bald-pated Chiang as “peanut” reflected his frustration.

Foreign relations officials who sought some accommodation with the CCP. S. S. Military Observer Mission—the so-called “Dixie Mission,” sent in 1944 to the Communist “rebel” capital at Yan’an in Northwest China. This group of Americans was led by the colorful China expert Colonel David Barrett, and included such figures as foreign service officers John P. Davies and John S. Service. The Dixie Mission spent the second half of 1944 and early 1945 with CCP forces. S. 41 30 C H I N A ' S I N E V I TA B L E R E V O L U T I O N The “sympathetic” position was most clearly summarized by Atcheson in the following policy recommendation: A tremendous internal pressure for unity exists in China, based upon compromise with the Communists and an opportunity for self-expression on the part of the now-repressed liberal groups.

The Marshall Mission would continue in China until early January, 1947. Source: Courtesy of George C. Marshall Foundation. relatively weak? 62 American might, its military muscle, thus compensated for the relative weakness of Japanese liberals. But in China, American powers were far more circumscribed. The task of forming a coalition government would prove formidable indeed. S. proposals for a coalition government are revealing. Throughout 1945 and 1946, each side displayed somewhat more openness to the idea of negotiated settlement when faced with military setbacks.

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