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Does Truth Matter?: Democracy and Public Space

The declare as soon as made via philosophers of particular wisdom of the essence of humanity and society has fallen into disrepute. Neither Platonic kinds, divine revelation nor metaphysical fact can function the floor for legitimating social and political norms. at the political point many appear to agree that democracy doesn’t want foundations.

UFO Retrievals - The Recovery of Alien Spacecraft:

"Uncover the best tale "never informed, with the aid of world-renowned alien craft researcher and author Jenny Randles. "-- "American Bookseller. "Prolific investigator Jenny Randles lines documented claims for alleged unidentified flying object crashes and retrievals going way back to 1871. .. attention-grabbing analyzing for the insights they offer into UFOlogy's evolution during the last half-century.

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In the earliest acts of Fascism, therefore, a direct and immediate concern with the public urban spaces of the city and the need to appropriate these areas for Fascism in a very public and visible manner had already been revealed. This concern to appropriate Rome’s public spaces—including the streets where everyday Roman life continued—was to become a significant element of Fascist government. Just as two years previously the Fascist squadristi had fought to ‘tame the red piazzas’ (Isnenghi, 1994:302), such violence was frequently translated directly onto the streets of the capital.

Source: Vandone (1935:71) CONCLUSION In early March 1943, factory workers in Turin went on strike, thus initiating the first significant acts of mass public opposition to the Fascist regime. Remarkable because they were unprompted by allied actions but were apparently a spontaneous expression of mass dissent, the strikes were of enormous significance in announcing the downfall of the regime (Abse, 1996; Mason, 1995). However, the strike leaders decided that they would confine their resistance to industrial action within the walls of the Turin factories.

Vandone, I. (1935) ‘L’opere dell’Azienda autonoma statale della strada al 30 Giugno 1934—X11’ [editorial], Le Strade, 17(2):66–72. Visser, R. (1992) ‘Fascist Doctrine and the Cult of the Romanità’, Journal of Contemporary History, 27, pp. 5–22. Willson, P. ) Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany: Comparisons and Contrasts, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 78–93. 3 CHANGING PLACES PERSPECTIVES ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF A MUNICIPAL SUBURBAN STREETSCAPE Gerry Mooney INTRODUCTION The concern of this chapter is to explore the ways in which a particular vision and image of ‘the street’ was utilised in the planning and development of a large municipal housing estate on Clydeside during the 1930s and 1940s.

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