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Download Chicken and Egg: Raising Chickens to Get the Eggs You Want by Andy Cawthray, James Hermes PDF

By Andy Cawthray, James Hermes

The age-old query of which comes first is ultimately spoke back in chook and Egg! For the needs of egg-centric poultry keepers, it’s the egg! a brand new method of chook preserving, chook and Egg is particularly aimed toward pastime farmers and informal bird keepers who desire to produce eggs of a specific colour, style, and kind. no matter if the reader wishes the delectable turquoise eggs of the Araucana or the chocolate brown eggs of the Blue Copper Maran, find out how it’s attainable to place the egg ahead of the fowl. Written by way of professional bird breeders and experts, Andy Cawthray and James Hermes, this new colourful guide deals an edifying evaluate of the ordinary background of chickens and the technology of egg creation in order that keepers larger know how to take care of egg-layers, enhance the standard in their eggs via vitamin and housing, and maximize their egg construction for future years. The authors have rounded up a couple of dozen bird breeds and supply their hardboiled recommendation approximately which hens provide the main egg-cellect day-by-day output.

• listing of the easiest egg-laying chook breeds, plus colourful two-page spreads of the 20 hottest choices
• suggestion on tips to decide upon and organize your flock, together with secure and cheap housing, runs, and coops
• selecting the right diets on your flock to maximise creation and keep away from egg failure
• crucial information regarding brooding and laying, the birds’ habit, and fixing difficulties in the flock
• specifically commissioned paintings from watercolorist and illustrator Kate Osborne

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Blisters and calluses may also occur on heavy birds housed on a wire floor or on packed, damp litter. If you raise broilers, forget the perches and freshen the bedding every day. Chick Health Issues I f you keep your chicks warm, dry, and away from drafts and predators, feed them properly, and make sure they always have clean water, chances are they’ll thrive and grow. Here are three common conditions that affect chicks: pasting, coccidiosis, and brooder pneumonia. Pasting. Pasting occurs when droppings stick to a chick’s rear end and clog the vent opening.

To reduce the cholesterol in an egg recipe use two egg whites instead of one whole egg for half the eggs in the recipe. If the recipe calls for four eggs, for example, use two whole eggs plus four egg whites. 30 C H I C K E N S To eliminate cholesterol in a recipe for cakes, cookies, or muffins, substitute 2 egg whites and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil for each whole egg in the recipe. In a recipe calling for 2 eggs, for example, use 4 egg whites plus 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil. If the recipe already has oil in it, you can omit the extra 2 teaspoons.

When a hen wants to lay an egg, she looks for a private place where she feels the egg will be safe. 3 4 C H I C K E N S Nests W hen a hen wants to lay an egg, she looks for a private place where she feels the egg will be safe. If you don’t supply nests, your hens will lay on the floor, where their eggs will become soiled or cracked. Once chickens get a taste of a broken egg, they’ll deliberately peck open fresh eggs. The bad habit of egg eating is hard to stop. Furnish one nest per four hens. You can buy ready-made nests from a store or catalog, make your own, or use found items.

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