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The basic preconception necessary for any scientific theory is called the paradigm. The adopted paradigm reflects the "Zeitgeist", that is the general intellectual and moral state of the culture. A paradigm establishes the possibility of a standard of objectivity and truth. 2. The Structu:re of Theories 44 An empirically well-confirmed theory is unfalsifiable in the context of its paradigm, it can only be overthrown by a new paradigm. The driving forces that determine the dynamics of the paradigms are the archetypes.

The idea goes back to an archetype, and as long it remains unconscious it takes possession of the ego. A scientist possessed by archtypal power has an enormous dynamism within himself but becomes utterly unfree and suffers a loss of consciousness. J1. 6Ome new ftectUzation. y wUh. J1. ,[ng we. He. d the. e. 06 the. " (Jung, Coll. , vol. 7, par. 243) • A modern scientist as a rule has no idea what is going on when he has a great idea. He uses shallow razionalizations, wonders about the bad image science has, and explains it by projecting his own irrationality on an irrational behavior of the mass media.

Many scientists find moral problems associated with purely scientific activities unintelligible, perhaps because moral considerations could seriously damage basic scientific research. UMc. W-iAe" (Packard and Cope, 1883). Nowadays this ideology is firmly established. eJLtcUn. :thlng6" (von Neumann, ColI. SO). WLe" (von Neumann, 19S5a). The old idea that the world was put at man's disposal by God degenerates into a new boldness: what aan be done must be done. Modern philosophers have a different view.

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