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By R. F. C. Walters

Classification concept has, in recent times, turn into more and more vital and renowned in laptop technology, and plenty of universities now introduce classification concept as a part of the curriculum for undergraduate desktop technological know-how scholars. the following, the idea is constructed in an easy method, and is enriched with many examples from desktop technological know-how.

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By symmetry, we also have that a o = lX,

Definition. The sum of two objects X1, X2 in a category is an object Xl +X2 with two injections XI Xl + X2 X2, 12 such that, given any object Z and two arrows f : Xl - Z, g : X2 -4Z, there is a unique arrow a : Xl + X2 -p Z such that ail = f, ail = g. Diagrammatically, Z. Example 16. ) If Xl, X2 are sets then the sum of X1, X2 is the disjoint union, X1 + X2 = {(x1, 0) : x1 E XI } U {(x2, 1) : x2 E X2}, together with injections 1 Xl +X2 X1 xl I X2 4 > (x1,0) I X2- Given f : Xl -* Z, g : X2 --p Z the required function a : Xl + X2 -+ Z is given by a : X1 +X2 --' Z (x1,0) I> f(XI) (x2,1) F-> g(x2) 43 Sums This function certainly has the property that ail(xi) = a(x1,0) = f(xi), ai2(x2) = a(x2,1) = 9(X2)- Clearly a is the only function with this property.

Consider a category A with the following properties: (i) every arrow in A has an inverse; (ii) for each pair of objects A, B there is an arrow from A to B; (iii) for each object A there are exactly n arrows with domain A. Show that the total number of endomorphisms (loops) in A is n. 23. How many objects and how many arrows are there in the category P{ 1, 2, 3, ... , n}? 24. Consider the category Lin whose objects are IR°, IR', IR2, ... and whose arrows are all linear transformations. Show that Lin is isomorphic to Matr.

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