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By Istvan Hargittai

This necessary e-book includes 36 interviews, together with 26 with Nobel laureates. It provides a cross-section of biomedical technology, a box that has been dominant in technological know-how for the earlier part century. The in-depth conversations conceal very important examine parts and discoveries, in addition to the roads to those discoveries, together with elements of the scientists' paintings that by no means observed ebook. additionally they carry out the humanness of the well-known scientists - the reader learns approximately their backgrounds, aspirations, failings, and triumphs. The ebook is illustrated with snapshots of the conversations and photographs supplied via the interviewees. it's a follow-up to the significantly acclaimed Candid technology: Conversations with well-known Chemists, by way of an analogous writer.

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If the answer was that somebody else would do it, that is not a very impelling motive in my point of view. I’ve never been motivated by just being the person doing something first. I want to be the person who thought of something that nobody else would’ve thought of. So I was looking for a different set of arenas of activity with that principle in mind. I think it’s also an optimizing principle about how to best use one’s intellect. When you came to The Rockefeller University, what was your agenda?

Ryan learned the technology and the ideology of biochemical mutations at Stanford and brought that back with him to Columbia. I met him when I was a sophomore in the academic year 1942–1943. I’d heard about him from other people around the department and it struck me that this is the work I really wanted to do. I gave him no option but to accept me in his laboratory. I was a real pest. Beadle and Tatum and you shared the Nobel Prize in 1958. Ryan was still alive. Had there been a fourth person included, would it have been him?

We worked to substantiate the idea that we were dealing with DNA; for example, I isolated a purified DNAase and demonstrated that it was highly potent in destroying the activity of transforming DNA. We thought about next steps, what variation between nucleic acids must depend on. And I think it is just as well that I did not continue in this direction. None of my training was in the direction of structural work. Then, in early 1946, I got an offer to take over the laboratory for streptococcal infection and rheumatic fever at Rockefeller.

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