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By Hans E. Kaiser, Eric T. Fossell (auth.), Alfred L. Goldson M.D. (eds.)

Previous volumes during this sequence have mentioned the present development have pointed out a number of pursuits and techniques country of our wisdom about the pathophysiology of to permit those objectives to be discovered. This quantity seriously melanoma progress and development. The complexity of the in­ experiences techniques in the direction of melanoma administration in guy at teraction of malignant neoplasms and the host, the the degrees of: detection, prognosis, surgical procedure, radiology, heterogeneity of malignant mobilephone subpopulations, and the chronobiology and endocrine therapy. lifestyles of metastatic tumor cells immune to drug thera­ a number of chapters evaluate chosen tools of melanoma diag­ pies stay as major medical demanding situations to scientific on­ nosis. additionally, various on-going and novel ap­ cologists. certainly, traditional remedy regimens of che­ proaches for melanoma remedy also are awarded during this quantity. growth within the early detection of malignant neo­ motherapy, surgical procedure and radiology are usually useless for the remedy of a giant number of tested metastatic can­ plasms, coupled with novel methods for the remedy of cer in sufferers. while one considers the insidiousness of such neoplasms, might finally yield secure and well-tolerated brokers for the selective remedy of stable malignancies. New innovative neoplastic development and the emergence of con­ tinuously extra competitive and malignant mobile subpop­ healing ways, directed in the direction of the biochemical ulations one is crushed with the demanding situations inherent in and molecular pursuits pointed out within the prior volumes of this sequence, could finally bring about the iteration of latest mo­ trying to keep watch over malignant neoplasms.

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Since we have been unsuccessful thus far to prevent cancer significantly, special attention was given to recognize cancer early. This goal is in agreement with the general medical experience that the sooner a disease is diagnosed it can be cured earlier and easier. Without any doubt, this is true for cancer. For example: Pichlmayr, Buettner, and Meyer (17) reported on the results of the surgical treatment of stomach carcinoma. 0%, analogous to those reported from Japan. H. Sc. died November 5, 1985.

But when did metastasis begin? GROWTH OF METASTASES The growth of lung metastases can be determined from a series of x-ray photographs of the changes in size as a function of time. An error analysis of this method has been carried out by Welin (24), Wolff (25) and by Keller and Kallert (14). To be able to extrapolate the measured growth curves of the metastases to the preclinical time with a sufficient certainty, two conditions have to be fulfilled: I. One has to observe as long as possible the growth process in the particular case to be able to determine the individual growth curve as exactly as possible 2.

1977 Verbeek ALM et al: Screening for Disease. Reduction of breast cancer mortality through mass screening and modern mammography. Lancet 1:1222, 1984 Wanebo HJ, Huros AG, Urban JA: Treatment of minimal breast cancer. Cancer 33:349, 1974 Wellings SR et al: An atlas of subgross pathology of the human breast and special reference to possible precancerous lesions. New Engl H Med 301:326, 1979 Wellings SR et al: An atlas of subgross pathology of the human breast and special reference to possible precancerous lesions.

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