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By A. J. Phillips

The 1st variation of this Monograph on melanoma Detection was once released by way of the Inter­ nationwide Union opposed to melanoma (U.I.CC) in 1966. on the grounds that that point the Committee respon­ sible for that Monograph has won significant adventure throughout the association of a cervical screening programme in Santiago, Chile and a symposium at the assessment of mass screening programmes in Sheffield, England. the data obtained from those actions, including the sensible recommendation from contributors and the advent of latest recommendations of melanoma detection have triggered the Committee to revise thoroughly the 1966 ebook. it's the desire of the foreign Union opposed to melanoma that this revision will end up important to all nations serious about or considering melanoma detection programmes. because the Chairman of the melanoma regulate fee during which the Committee on melanoma Prevention and Detection services, I enjoy acknowledging their dedi­ cation and energy within the guidance of this document. The Committee individuals are: * Dr. A. J. PHILLIPS (Chairman) - Canada Dr. D. A. BoYES - Canada Dr. M. GAITAN-YANGUAS - Colombia * Dr. R. GERARD-MARCHANT - France * Dr. J. KNOWELDEN - England Dr. B. MACMAHON - U.S.A. Dr. M. MONTERO - Chile Dr. T. MORK - Norway Dr. B. TERRACINI - Italy * editorial committee within the instruction of the file the Committee was once assisted by means of Dr. ] OHN WAKEFIELD, a member of the UI.CC Committee on Public schooling. E. C EASSON M.D.

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Pyelectasia or hydronephrosis may develop because of intermittent obstruction and the pain then increases and is accentuated by diaphragmatic and spinal movements. Pain and haematuria are indicative of a late phase in the development of any malignant tumour. Tumour. The third sign is a palpable resistance which can be felt in 55 per cent of the patients with renal tumours. In the advanced stage, a renal cancer may be palpable below the twelfth rib whereas, with a small tumour the swelling may be dismissed as merely a mobile kidney.

The 5-year survival for testicular tumours is 50 per cent. The best prognosis occurs in the seminoma. Incomplete descent of testis predisposes towards the formation of testicular tumours. The diagnosis of testicular tumours is made by: Inspection. The scrotum may show a unilateral enlargement. This may be due to infection but most swellings of the testis are tumours. A minority may be gumma, infarcts, hematoceles, torsion of the spermatic cord and hydrocele. 40 Cancer Detection by Site Palpation.

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