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By Kerrie O'Connor

The escapades of Lucy, Ricardo, and their Telarian pals proceed during this exciting sequel to the preferred in the course of the Tiger’s Eye. Featuring magical realism components, the unconventional once more reunites the younger acquaintances, this time to outwit the warriors who're oppressing civilians in the fantasy global of Telares. The feisty younger protagonists conflict an underground river, participate in a determined chase, and try out a bold rescue mission. A dramatic mixture of mind's eye, pleasure, and humor, this novel additionally touches on vital concerns reminiscent of political repression and baby hard work.

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Lucy caught Rahel’s eager smile across the table, and realised the Telarian was really pleased to see her. That felt good. It was such a different friendship to the one she had with Janella. They didn’t share the usual everyday things that girls share – sport, clothes, school, videos and parties – and Rahel was usually so serious. But Lucy knew that Rahel was a real friend. She’d stood by Lucy when Ricardo had been in trouble. She had used all her seriousness to help free him from the jungle jail – to her own cost.

Had he fainted? There was an insane screech and Lucy almost fainted herself. Then, from nowhere, a sharp blow to her head sent her spiralling into blackness. 36 By the Monkey's Tail 6/6/06 2:05 PM Page 37 8 Mango Magic Lucy came to with T-Tongue enthusiastically licking her face. ’ and someone, not Janella, agreed with him. Who? Lucy opened her eyes to see an anxious face peering into hers. ’ she croaked, but his face snapped out of view, replaced by that of a golden monkey. ’ Her eyes snapped open.

Called Lucy, and meant it. She remembered how 23 By the Monkey's Tail 6/6/06 2:05 PM Page 24 scary it had been the first time she had gone down the tunnel. She went back and took Janella’s hand. ‘Just follow me. I told you I could see in the dark. Well, it’s not really seeing, but I can find my way. ’ ‘Well, you’d better not bump me into anything,’ said Janella in a slightly stronger voice. ‘This tunnel had better be safe or . ’ Lucy slowed down to Janella’s pace, all the time stretching her mind to sense when they reached the fork in the tunnel.

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