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By R.P. Chhabra

Bubbles, Drops, and debris in Non-Newtonian Fluids, moment version keeps to supply thorough assurance of the clinical foundations and the most recent advances in particle movement in non-Newtonian media. The ebook demonstrates how dynamic habit of unmarried debris can yield worthwhile details for modeling shipping tactics in complicated multiphase flows.

Completely revised and improved, this moment version covers macroscopic momentum and heat/mass move from a unmarried inflexible or fluid particle or ensembles of debris regarding robust inter-particle interactions together with packed beds, fluidized beds, and porous media with types of non-Newtonian fluids. It displays advances made because the e-book of the former, bestselling variation with new fabric on subject matters comparable to extensional move; time-independent, time-dependent and visco-elastic fluids; unfastened settling habit of non-spherical debris; and particle movement in visco-elastic and visco-plastic fluids, boundary layer flows, flows in porous media, and falling item rheometry.

An first-class reference and guide facing the technological elements of non-Newtonian fabrics encountered in nature and in know-how, this ebook highlights qualitative adjustments among the reaction of a Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids within the advanced flows encountered in processing purposes

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2 for a few aqueous solutions and suspensions (Chhabra, 1980). Considerable confusion exists in the literature regarding the effect of temperature on the values of power-law constants. 56–883 1–50 the consistency coefficient m decreases with increasing temperature. In most process engineering applications, it is sufficient to neglect the temperaturedependence of the flow behavior index and to use the usual Arrhenius-type expression to approximate the temperature dependence of the consistency coefficient (Chhabra, 1999b).

16 where a cubical element of material sheared between the two planes is depicted. 16 Nonzero components of stress tensor in unidirectional shearing motion of a visco-elastic fluid. RAJ: “dk3171_c002” — 2006/6/8 — 23:03 — page 33 — #25 34 Bubbles, Drops, and Particles in Fluids zero. 5. 6 is still applicable, so that the three individual normal stresses can be found from two independent measurements in a unidirectional steady shearing flow. The differences (Pxx − Pyy ) (= N1 ) and (Pyy − Pzz ) (= N2 ) are easier to measure than the individual stresses, and it is customary to use N1 and N2 together with τ yx as functions of shear rate to describe the rheological behavior of a visco-elastic fluid in a simple shearing flow.

More complex materials for which the relation between the shear stress and the shear rate also depends upon the duration of shearing, the previous kinematic history, etc; these are known as time-dependent systems. 3. Materials exhibiting combined characteristics of both an elastic solid and a viscous fluid and showing partial elastic and recoil recovery after deformation, the so-called visco-elastic fluids. This classification is quite arbitrary in that most real materials often display a combination of two or even all the three types of non-Newtonian characteristics.

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