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By M. Waters

This e-book examines expert literary feedback through Romantic-era British girls to bare that, whereas constructing a awake professionalism, girls literary critics helped to form the classy versions that outlined Romantic literary values and made the British literary background a resource of nationwide delight. girls critics understood the contested nature of aesthetics and the general public implications of aesthetic values on questions corresponding to morality, either private and non-private, the nation's cultural historical past, even the fundamental traits of Britishness itself.

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As in her essay on Collins or much like Akenside’s poem itself, Barbauld’s formal, highly structured prose, ornamented with elaborate figuration and citing rhetorical theorists like Longinus, aligns with literary values drawn from learning denied to middle- and lower-class readers. ”18 Presumably the reader not so conversant should find some other company. Yet how stiff, artificial, and conventional this exclusionary sentence sounds, and how tired and trite are such metaphors for a critic who is herself a poet.

Often a dismissed literary form even when authored by canonical male writers, reviews, when discovered to have issued from a woman’s pen, have received especially harsh treatment. Yet reviews carried much influence, influence that sometimes called for applause, sometimes for alarm. As the form of criticism that molds public opinion on the most current publications, reviews exert a cumulatively critical influence on literature and public taste. Three chapters examine the reviewing work of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Hays, Anna Letitia Barbauld, Elizabeth Moody, and Harriet Martineau.

This chapter examines Barbauld’s critical essays prefacing collections and reissues of previously published literary work. Written during the two decades that mark the turn of the nineteenth century, the essays appear after Barbauld had gained recognition as a poet, moral writer, and author of children’s literature and educational materials. Barbauld included a few essays that can be classed as literary criticism in Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose, but the essays considered here constitute her induction into the field of professional criticism.

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