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By Barbara Weiden Boyd

This quantity at the Roman poet Ovid (43 BCE - 17 CE) includes articles through 14 foreign students. Contributions disguise a variety of subject matters, together with a biographical essay, a survey of the main manuscripts and textual traditions, and a accomplished dialogue of Ovid's variety

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D. Rouse: the former in, for instance, his rendering of the summons to a committee meeting called to consider a proposal OVID'S LANGUAGE AND STYLE 29 The ease and fluency of Ovid's writing is highly deceptive. " What Macaulay said of the Metamorphoses applies with equal force to everything Ovid wrote: "in . . G. '' The straightforwardness and indeed ordinariness that scholars identify as his stylistic trademarks12 are the product of innumerable discreet manipulations of meter, diction and syntax.

Ovid did not go out of his way to avoid words avoided by other poets if they expressed his meaning precisely, if no other word for the thing was readily available (a good case in point being auditor], and if they did not impede the smooth flow of the verse. v. 1, 2, 4, 6). The case of material'-es is even more striking: this is a predominantly prose word and likewise a Lucretian technical term, which Ovid uses 47 times (McKeown 2:13 on Am. 1-2). On his exploitation of legal terminology see Kenney (1969b).

6; Ov. eleg. 21, Met. 23 (pukher 26) (Knox (1986b) 100). Virgil did not altogether exclude -osus adjectives from the Aeneid (28x), but Ovid was distinctly freer in his epic (53x) (Knox (1986b) 99-100). , it is notable that of his 13 instances of studiosus, a predominantly prose word, 9 are in the penultimate sedes in the pentameter. Cf. below, n. 69. 68 For Horace's enterprising use of this word see Nisbet and Hubbard (1970) 406 on C. 20. 69 In addition to the instances noted in the list cf. ES 1 studiosae, 41 formosa, 124 formoso; Nux 23 formosa, 57 operoso', and most strikingly in the Consolatio 15 latebrosas, 105 umbrosis, 109 plumosa, 207 generosa, 251 spatiosas, 259 generosa, 265 operosa, 269 speciosus, 445 nebulosum, 464 generosa.

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