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By Mina Davies-Morel

Written for college kids and all with a basic curiosity in breeding horses, this e-book units out to supply a easy figuring out with adequate useful info for newbies to get started.

Enough reproductive body structure of the mare and stallion is integrated to explain the administration options that are defined later within the booklet, yet pointless info are shunned. man made insemination and embryo move also are defined, as are picking the broodmare and stallion, administration at overlaying and through being pregnant, and post-partum care of the mare and foal.

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As an alternative to progesterone a series of two or three PGF2a injections 48 hours apart can be used to ‘kick start’ the cycle. 1 when progesterone treatment is stopped. Even when using a combination of light and hormones there is still some variation in the timing of oestrus and ovulation. However, most mares will show oestrus within 5–10 days and ovulate within 7–14 days of the end of progesterone treatment. 2 Synchronisation and timing of oestrus In addition to manipulating the timing of oestrus, advancing the breeding season makes mare management easier.

If you are the owner of a single mare you will not have a choice of mares to breed from but an understanding of what affects reproductive success will help your decision as to whether or not to breed your mare and may forewarn of problems. There are a number of reproductive characteristics which can be assessed when considering a mare for breeding. Many of them may 57 58 Breeding Horses not exclude her from breeding but all go towards developing a picture of the mare and her likely chances of being a good broodmare.

However, the injection method is more expensive, especially if a veterinary surgeon is required to administer injections (a legal requirement in UK). Putting progestagen in the feed (Regumate®) has the advantage that no vet is required, but mares have to be fed individually and some mares may refuse to eat the feed in which it is mixed, so there is no guarantee the mare has had the correct dose. As an alternative to progesterone a series of two or three PGF2a injections 48 hours apart can be used to ‘kick start’ the cycle.

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