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By Eric S. Grace

(Joseph Henry Press) Revised version goals to aid readers comprehend and participate in biotechnology debates. themes contain how biotechnology happened, instruments within the genetic engineering workshop, biotechnology and the physique, biotechnology at the farm, biotechnology and the surroundings, moral concerns, and extra. For clinicians. past variation: c1997. Softcover.

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Some of the recombined plasmids linked bacteria DNA-to-bacteria DNA, but others linked bacteria-to-toad DNA. The scientists then added bacterial cells to the mix and waited for some of them to take up the recombined plasmids. The cells that had recombinant DNA were easy to identify because they now had the new characteristic of antibiotic resistance, introduced by the plasmids. On further examination, Boyer and Cohen found that some of these cells also contained toad DNA, joined into the plasmid.

In the years since Dolly’s birth, scientists have cloned other sheep as well as mice, pigs, goats, cattle, cats, and deer from adult cells. Although time and experience have made researchers more successful at cloning mammals, the technique is by no means straightforward. Dolly was the only lamb born from 277 attempts at cell fusion, and the success rate for producing live, healthy offspring from adult mammalian cells still stands at around only two percent. Dolly eventually died in February 2003 at the age of six, about one-half the normal life span for her breed.

Many bacterial cells also include a few much smaller, independent circles of DNA called plasmids. These freewheeling circles of genetic material can readily pass from one cell into another, offering scientists a key tool for transferring genes between species. Gene transfer is something that occurs normally among bacteria and is carried out by a number of different processes. In one of these, called transformation, DNA is released from bacterial cells into the surrounding medium, then taken up and incorporated into the DNA of nearby cells.

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