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By R.B. Heap, C.G. Prosser and G.E. Lamming (Eds.)

This e-book seems on the use of progress hormones in animal construction. It bargains with the topic on a variety of degrees, from the connection of the expansion hormone to comparable proteins, to the particular insertion of development genes into animal embryos

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A . (1985). Evidence for a limited growth hormone (GH)-releasing hormone (GHRH)-releasable quantity of GH: effects of 6-hour infusions of GHRH on GH secretion in normal man. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 60, 370-375. 28 Wehrenberg, W . B . , Baird, A . and Ling, N . (1983). Potent interaction between glucocorticoids and growth-hormone-releasing factor in vivo. Science 221, 556-558. 55 ROLE OF G R O W T H H O R M O N E I N THE REGULATION OF ADIPOCYTE GROWTH AND FUNCTION R . G .

Although it has been demonstrated that repeated administration of GHRH leads to about a 50% reduction in the numbers of GHRH receptors, this does not, in itself, reduce GH responsiveness to GH RH and probably only 30-40 % occupancy of such receptors is necessary for maximal responsiveness (3). Despite these in vitro observations however, there are no data which demonstrate that desensitisation of the somatotroph is important in vivo. There is accumulating evidence that depletion of intracellular stores of GH does not explain the loss of GH responsiveness to GHRH in vivo.

And Melmed. S. (1987). Insulin-like growth factor I regulation of growth hormone gene transcription in primary rat pituitary cells. Journal of Clinical Investigation 79, 449-452. 45 N E U R O R E G U L A T I O N OF G R O W T H H O R M O N E S E C R E T I O N M . D . Page, C. Dieguez and M . F . Scanlon Neuroendocrine Group, Department of Medicine, University of Wales College of Medicine. Heath Park. Cardiff CF4 4 X N , Wales, U . K . GHRH and somatostatin are the important final common hypothalamic pathways in the control of somatotroph function and they act together in a concerted fashion to mediate this effect.

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