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By L. R. Overby (auth.), C. Th. Smit Sibinga, P. C. Das, L. R. Overby (eds.)

This symposium is dedicated to Biotechnology in Blood Transfusion; there are 22 specialists discussing the state-of-the-art within the program of monoclonal anti­ our bodies, recombinant DNA applied sciences and heterologous expression structures to the advance and occasionally substitute of blood items, charac­ terization of blood ingredients, and the impact of those advancements on blood transfusion tactics. Ten and perhaps 5 years in the past the name of a symposium akin to this may were Biosciences in blood transfusion, informing what easy advancements in molecular biology, biochemistry and human body structure may perhaps pertain to blood transfusion within the far-off destiny. That destiny is getting nearer, and never just one is drawn to simple advancements in immunology, popularity and id of viral and bacterial parts and items, tissue and blood bloodgroup blood staff typing, typing, but in addition within the strength program of those advancements and their monetary views. that's what biotechnology is all alI approximately: uncomplicated technology telIs tells us the place and the way we'd search for new applied sciences, and the improvement of such tech­ nologies is just attainable if there's a standpoint for development in caliber, protection, popularity or functionality to price ratio.

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Exp Med 1986;164:345-50. 37 BIOENGINEERING IN BWOD TRANSFUSION MEDICINE G. Jacquin For a relevant overview of the actual and future applications of 'bioengineering' in blood transfusion medicine, it is necessary to clearly separate between the field of diagnosis and the therapeutic area. In the first field laboratory applications such as blood group serology, HLA typing, diagnosis of viral vi rai diseases, advances in gene research, in cellular engineering and molecular biology have been very rapidly followed by technical, commercial and finally industrial applications.

GTTAA CTTAA 5' GGG ... ,CCC ,GGG .. 3--- Flush ends 5'7-:-=-=--- AATTG .. AATTC 3'~ Cohesive end with 5 511 0verhang overhang --'GTGGAG CTGCAG ~tCGTC ~tGGTG 1 Pst I ---::-:--3' .. GTGGA CTGCA ~5' + 5'-- G... 3' AGGTG ACGTC .. Cohesive end with 31 overhang Figure 4. Basic tenets of recombinant DNA technology The informational content of DNA molecules resides in the nucleotide sequence, rather than in the sugar phosphate backbone. Unfortunately, traditional biochemical methods do not provide straightforward ways to distinguish among nucleic acid molecules on the basis of their nucleotide sequences.

In order to use the good specificity of murine MoAbs (easily obtained) and to avoid the immunogenicity of these cell ceH lines, it seems very attractive to obtain 'humanized' monoclonal antibodies: The feasibility of generating chimeric murine/human antibodies has been demonstrated. These technologies must employ the most recent advances of molecular biology and expres sion of immune fundamental immunology: Cloning, sequencing and expression globulins are possible, and isolation and characterization in murine monoclonal antibodies of variable and specific regions involved in the efficacy and the specificity of the clones will willlead lead to the construction of future therapeutic tools; more active and more specific, and less immunogenic.

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