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By Homare Tabata (auth.), Jian-Jiang Zhong (eds.)

Advances in bioproducts production akin to the construction of the anticancer drug paclitaxel by means of large-scale plant mobile tradition, submerged cultivation of medicinal mushrooms, and monoclonal antibody construction are mirrored. Interactions between molecular, mobile and method engineering points in business fermentations are mentioned, and alertness of fuzzy keep an eye on and fuzzy neural networks to sensible creation and the biomedical zone are proven. For sustainable improvement and eco-friendly processing, creation of lactic acid from paper sludge, construction of a common fermentation feedstock from wheat, and fabrication and alertness of whole-cell dependent biosensors within the surroundings also are demonstrated.

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Previous work in our laboratory demonstrated that the content and production of GA could be significantly enhanced by means of a two-stage culture process combining conventional shaking cultivation (firststage) with static culture (second-stage) [8]. It is essential to study the scale-up of this novel process from a flask to a bioreactor for potential commercial application of the mushroom culture. The first-stage culture of G. lucidum, which is similar to a conventional bacterial fermentation process, was recently successfully conducted in a laboratory reactor [28].

2A). The results indicated that the cell growth of G. lucidum was significantly limited when DO was controlled around 10% of air saturation. Submerged Cultivation of Medicinal Mushrooms for Production of Valuable Bioactive Metabolites 31 Fig. 1 Time courses of reactor operating conditions (A) and dissolved oxygen (DO; B) during submerged cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum in a turbine-agitated bioreactor. Symbols in Fig. 1A: empty triangles, agitation speed; empty circles, aeration rate corresponding to DO controlled at 10% of air saturation; filled circles, aeration rate corresponding to DO controlled at 25% of air saturation.

Their data suggested that a-PGM might play a controlling role in the flux from glucose 6-phosphate to EPS biosynthesis. In contrast, another study of the same strain showed that a-PGM activity was not limiting for EPS production [61]. Fig. 6 Time courses of a-phosphoglucomutase (a-PGM) activity and exopolysaccharide (EPS) production in batch and fed-batch cultures of G. lucidum in stirred bioreactors. Symbols: empty symbols, batch culture; filled symbols, fed-batch culture; triangles, a-PGM activity; circles, EPS concentration.

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