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By W E Johns

Adventures with extraordinary flying machines!


It's the 1st international battle and Biggles is simply 17. The planes are primitive; wrestle strategies are non-existent; the one type of conversation for pilots and their gunners is by means of hand indications. they're reliant at the ability in their fellow group, their wit and, mainly else, bravery.

In adverse enemy skies, the place intuition and quickly reactions are every thing, Biggles needs to discover ways to be a true fighter pilot, or die…but does he have what it takes?

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C. cap; his eyes, now sparkling with pleasurable anticipation, were what is usually called hazel. His features were finely cut, but the squareness of his chin and the firm line of his mouth revealed a certain doggedness, a tenacity of purpose, that denied any suggestion of weakness. Only his hands were small and white, and might have been those of a girl. His youthfulness was apparent. He might have reached the eighteen years shown on his papers, but his birth certificate, had he produced it at the recruiting office, would have revealed that he would not attain that age for another eleven months.

It took him another few seconds to realize that this miracle had actually taken place. `No matter,' he muttered. ' In five minutes he was looking down on country that he knew he had never seen before. His heart fluttered, and his lips turned dry as the full shock of the fact that he was completely lost struck him. Another 'plane appeared in his range of vision, seeming to drift sideways like a great grasshopper in that curious manner other machines have in the air, and he followed it eagerly. It might not be going to his aerodrome, but that did not matter; any aerodrome would suit him equally well.

Come on, laddie; on your feet and let's get aboard,' continued Mahoney. ' `Goodness knows! ' `Don't worry. It will find you all right. ' • A depot to which officers were posted until assigned to an active service squadron. ' Mahoney shook his head. 'Not enough,' he said. ' `You can give me them on the journey, in case I don't,' suggested Biggles. ' Ìf more chaps would take that view there would be fewer casualties,' said Mahoney soberly, as they crossed over the narrow gangway. Two days later a Crossley tender pulled up on a lonely, poplar-lined road to the north of St Omer, and Biggles stepped out.

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