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By Thom Kuehls

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Does Truth Matter?: Democracy and Public Space

The declare as soon as made through philosophers of special wisdom of the essence of humanity and society has fallen into disrepute. Neither Platonic varieties, divine revelation nor metaphysical fact can function the floor for legitimating social and political norms. at the political point many appear to agree that democracy doesn’t desire foundations.

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"Uncover the best tale "never instructed, with assistance from world-renowned alien craft researcher and author Jenny Randles. "-- "American Bookseller. "Prolific investigator Jenny Randles lines documented claims for alleged flying saucers crashes and retrievals going way back to 1871. .. fascinating examining for the insights they provide into UFOlogy's evolution during the last half-century.

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47 The "laws of nature" that a great many of us have been taught are based upon assumptions of unity, permanence, and simplicity. These assumptions no 12 • NATURES, ETHICS, AND ECOLOGIES longer command the way they once did. "48 Classical science insisted upon a universal regularity to nature. Nature was thought to be smooth, ordered, consistent, straightlined. A glorious union of nature and Euclidean geometry was ordained. "The shapes of classical geometry are lines and planes, circles and spheres, triangles and cones," writes James Gleick in his popular work Chaos.

On what are we to base our actions? How will it be possible to act? Is a ground available for a new ecological ethic? Are we not now in a similar position to the one set out by Nietzsche's madman? Have you not heard of the madman who lit a lantern on a bright morning and ran to the market crying, "I seek God! "? Receiving no response other than laughter and jests from those gathered there, he jumped into their midst and pierced them with his eyes. " he cried; "I will tell you. We have killed him .

Or worse yet, aren't we turned loose upon the earth, free to do anything and everything? In short, how can we possibly articulate an ethic of ecology in such a world, let alone a politics of ecology? 18 • NATURES, ETHICS, AND ECOLOGIES TOWARD AN ECOLOGICAL ETHIC OF CHAOS Both Nietzsche and the chaos scientists I presented attack shadowy representations of nature. But the attack is not an end in itself. Struggling with the shadow of God is not a solution, but a problematic. Promise as well as danger exists here.

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